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Lets post Photos! Iran Iraq Pakistan and everyone else please look here

I came to the conclusion today, that in America many people think that the middle east is backwater huts and villages.

I saw a story about a bombing that was airing on the news and in the background you could see a man on his cellphone. <-This is what i want to show the world, not bombs, but cellphones, facebooks, family gatherings, people just going about thier daily lives.

The people that live around the world are no different.
Ive decided to post photos on my facebook of families in these countries that the US is involved in, in one way or another.

I need people to send me something to post. I would encourage anyone who lives in these areas to post photos that dont have anything to do with war, no military feelings, but just family pictures, people enjoying life, or kids being kids.

People use the term "3rd world country" and it bugs me because if the majority of Americans knew they used facebook and had computers and cellphones, i think the term would lose its meaning.

I created a facebook page to post on, im not super internet savy, if someone wants to find another site to post to for those that may not have a facebook account. Others all around the world feel free to post photos also!