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Video Update; Ben Swann/Gary Johnson One on One


From Ben Swann XIX FB page:

One on One with Governor Gary Johnson.. what he has to say about the federal deficit, defense spending, taxes & marijuana

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I just voted for Gary Johnson yesterday

I wish it was Ron Paul, but it's good to have a couple of good choices, instead of none.


Taxation is unethically premised on anti-voluntary coercion and should be abolished.

Otherwise I would support a prerogative model of governance where individuals endow public agency by free choice

who cares about the fair tax,

who cares about the fair tax, we already have a burdensome tax system as it is now anyway. the difference with gary is that he offers more than just tax reform, i can't say that for the other two choices.

I'll take the fair tax over

I'll take the fair tax over the current tax system ANY day of the week

Gary Your Wrong

If gary somehow got elected we all would be screwed here is how the fair tax...First they would tell us we would have to pass the fair tax first then we would have to phase out the Irs...which when the fair tax pass all of a sudden their would be no support for phasing out the irs and we would be screwed with 23 consumtion tax on top of the taxes we already pay..I know the F'n congress this is how the work to screw use at all cost all the time every time.. sorry Gary you wont get my vote..

you are wrong.

you are wrong.

Nope, YOU'RE Wrong...

The Fair Tax Bill would repeal the constitutional amendment of the income tax to prevent your nightmare scenario. Congress would be committing political suicide if they kept both income taxes and added consumption taxes. They're not that dumb.

Of course none of us want the

Of course none of us want the fair tax, but its the only real step in the right direction anyone running is proposing. Also, the people are not ready for a zero tax yet. You have to achieve a 0% tax by taking it in steps. No one will ever win election in our current state by directly saying "abolish all taxes". Something we just need to be realistic about. I'd rather move in the right direction with a fair tax for the time being than the screwed up system we currently have.


So after I've watched Ron Paul get cheated out of the elections, I am then expected to believe that someone who isn't half as popular will be given a fair go ? I would say that Garry Jhonson will only be entertained as a candidate in the interest of maintaining a democratic appearance. If he posed any kind of real challenge he would somehow be eliminated.

After all the evidence of vote rigging it surprises me that anyone continues to support the elections. I assume it is because they don't see any other way to have a say, but I think that a new approach MUST be used.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

the romney campaign trying to

the romney campaign trying to remove him from the ballot in several states does not qualify as him being eliminated?

Fair tax

Ron doesn't want a fair tax gary the AIRHEAD!

Ron said 0 tax... but the

Ron said 0 tax... but the fair tax would be better then what we have as long as the fair tax would totally replace the income tax.

Johnson's fair tax would

Johnson's fair tax would screw me. I pay no taxes in the state of NH. His tax would increase my cost of living by 23%. His "fair" tax would be an incredible burden on the poor who don't make enough to qualify for paying any taxes. For instance, for everything I'd buy now in tax free NH I'd pay 23% more. So, disposable income would decrease with his "fair" tax. BS. With a lame idea like his, I wouldn't vote for him if you put a gun to my head. God forbid he gets into the WH and implements something as stupid as his fair tax.

Blessings )o(

I'm not saying this

I'm not saying this condescendingly, but have you ever taken an economics course? We as consumers "pay" a portion of all taxes on businesses b/c of a concept called elasticity. Depending on how much we "need" a product, the price will go up when that company is taxed (so we pay for almost 100% of business taxes in the form of price increases in industries like gas, food, or clothing). So while you may not pay an income tax, you still take on a tax burden. Eliminating taxes on businesses would drastically lower prices, and in the end the price that you pay may not be all that much higher than what you are paying now.

Gary Johnson has said

that he is running on the Fairtax but doesn't necessarily support it exclusively. I think his motive is to open the dialogue to more radical tax reform than minor tweaks in the code. And he's no Ron Paul, but I disagree that he's an airhead.

Fair Tax is what Huckabee, Cain, Newt, McCain were pushing!

Taxes are debt slavery and redistribution of wealth into waste.

Every government office and project should be driven by the free market (unrequired citizen purchases) AND/OR volunteers, equal footing among the two.

IE, Fire Departments require 'fire insurance' and most fire fighters are volunteers. It's corrupt, but the basic system IS and HAS been there.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Right, but...

The difference between Johnson and those other yahoos is that none of the others was talking about substantial cuts in spending. All things being equal, a consumption tax would be easier and less expensive to comply with (putting a lot of lawyers and accountants out of business), so Americans would save untold hours of their lives and untold $ of their wealth trying to comply/avoid income taxes.

However, a 'fair tax' alone does not address the major issue of the day: spending. Johnson is not talking about increasing the revenue stream in order to avoid cutting spending, but rather to cut the spending to match the revenue stream.

You aren't cutting if you are stealing

This is like Stalin-esque logic.

Yes, I cut some programs, but then I put a 20+% tax on all purchases? Are you out of your mind? America would grind to a halt over night just on the additional tax on gas purchases.

We are much better off with Obama than anyone who endorses 'Fair Tax' and that's the sad truth.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Choice between arsenic and hemlock

No, I'm not out of my mind. But thanks for asking.

Gary Johnson makes a good case for switching from a cumbersome income tax and to a consumption tax. Yes, it's still confiscatory. Yes, taxes are still stealing...and I make that argument every day.

However, if we are interested in moving forward with some fiscal responsibility, then there is a net plus to his overall plan. He says he would cut MORE than the amount of the deficit in the first year. That stops the printing presses. If he were to eliminate the income tax and replace it with a revenue neutral sales tax, there would be an immediate savings in the economy of hundreds of billions of dollars that currently go toward compliance. Another plus.

He explains that prices currently include the costs of income tax, social security, and compliance at the corporate level. Eliminate those expenses and prices drop...add the sales tax and prices go up...the net effect he claims would be price neutral. Not sure I buy that completely, but I believe that net net it would be an improvement over where we are at today.

This is all an intellectual exercise because the plan will never be put into effect, and the way it will really work if passed by the Republicrats is we will keep the income tax AND pay a national sales tax.

Nevertheless, I think the idea has some merit...certainly better than Biden telling the world he INTENDS to impose another trillion dollars worth of taxes!

This is like arguing to replace the Fed with the IMF

Because it's 'less cumbersome'.

Sorry, it's a scam. You don't move forward with lesser evil.

If you had the choice of eating dog crap or cat crap would you still try to move 'forward' (an obama Commie slogan btw)?


Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Not really

You're actually eating LESS crap. Nevertheless, it is only an incremental step, not the solution. On that we agree.


got my vote

Fair tax nonsense

No tax is fair!The power to tax is the power to destroy and guess what?It's destroying America!

No Tax Is Fair

But you will never eliminate taxes via politics. Certainly, Gary Johnson is smart enough to know that he would not be able to eliminate taxes.

Since you will be required to pay taxes, regardless of their morality, then you should choose a tax that will eliminate the IRS, eliminate the Income Tax, and wipe out the Sixteenth Amendment.

Here is my post on the reason why Fair Tax would be in the best interests of liberty seekers:


Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Advice to Johnson...!!!

Read Dr. Paul, and study the Constitution!

Stay away from opening your mouth on any subject but what the constitution mandates as Federal government jurisdiction. We are not interested in your personal philosophy except as it interferes with the constitutional order of government.

Enough of what drugs hurt you more or less. Jurisdiction over most of these areas of the people's commerce and life ends with the state and their supreme courts! Tell the paparazzi that you intend to leave all but the enumerated powers, to the states!

Get over it! You are running for president of the central government not of the states, and unlike the two Tweedledee and Tweedledum twins, you certainly are not running for 'god'!

No tax but constitutional tax, and that means NO FAIR tax! Get over it you constitutionally challenged candidates!

Life comes before liberty, for all... including the unborn! Without this you will never be more than a fringe presidential candidate! Personally I think us headhunters have been an endangered minority for decades. But I got over it.

Loose the '60's' peace symbol which drives away a major part of the baby boomers who haven't a clue what constitutional and just peace really means. You, as well as most party goers seem constitutionally challenged on the issue of 'Just Christian' and 'Constitutional' war!

Enough already. Study Ron Paul's books. Then debate with real knowledge!

Act presidential like Ron Paul, especially in an era when the people are only just coming out of their blindness and ignorance. They need hope, and fear not only the future, but even a change back to the constitution!

Bottom line... read, and listen to, Dr. Ron Paul. The elder statesman is nothing less than the perfect mentor for the very presidential candidate for which the people really hope! You cannot go wrong.

The alternative is continuing along the path of minor distraction from the two Tweedledee and Tweedledum parties!

We've had enough of that already!

Right,Personal opinion isn't


Personal opinion isn't the issue. The issue is one of strict constitutionality which indirectly implicates the proper level of government whether federal, state, or local (i.e. county or city).

Although I'll likely vote for Johnson since he won't be elected and just might deprive the goon, Romney, of the election and thereby weaken the GOP for a takeover, he does need to really look at these issues from a viewpoint of strict constitutionality like Ron Paul.

Until they have removed the

Until they have removed the wealth from the Bankers behind the Federal Reserve they can kiss my bloodly azz. This is war, nothing less. We talked, nothing, we demostrated, nothing, now what time is it?

Let's get this interview go viral

Post on social sites like Twitter Facebook etc.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

GREAT interview, - but.....the debtclock....

Yes...as someone else commented, I can not for the life of me understand why MOST Americans do not support his positions on the different issues! I mean, the US ship is about to sink, and why does not everybody understand that you all need to help with the pumps??

However, the clip of the DEBT Clock is a very old one. The figure shown here is ONLY 9,5 trillion, not the actual 16 trillion plus which is the actual figures TODAY! Your ship IS sinking guys, and an additional 40% plus of you need to understand the seriousness of your situation, and start helping with the pumping!

The only issue some have problems with

are abortion. There are tons of single issue abortion voters.
Those voters really have nowhere to go except maybe Goode.

The fair Tax. 23% is way too high.
I hate it. Paying a 23% federal tax on top of my state sales tax would destroy my chances at owning anything that isn't a necessity.
It would push credit card debt(for people who use them) to new highs as more people would not have the cash to shell out for mid-sized purchases.
I am a libertarian. I am focused on my personal bottom line.
The fair tax is a solution that attempts to fix a problem the country faces by hitting my bottom line.

I can still vote for him as there is 0 chance of his plan ever passing the legislature.