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Video Update; Ben Swann/Gary Johnson One on One


From Ben Swann XIX FB page:

One on One with Governor Gary Johnson.. what he has to say about the federal deficit, defense spending, taxes & marijuana

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Yeah the 23% is pretty high,

Yeah the 23% sounds pretty high, but it balances out (and saves you money) over the long run since you won't be paying income taxes anymore, no ss or medicare withholdings, no more gift taxes, no more capital gains taxes, estate taxes etc...

You'd be saving anywhere from at least 17.6% to 42.6% (or more) depending on your tax bracket

The % rate doesn't bother me

and it makes barter and using silver more appealing to me as well especially since I won't have paid any tax initially on money earned.

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Fair tax.

I agree that a consumption tax would be favorable to an income tax, but 23% sales tax on food sounds like a bad idea to me.
I did hear what he was saying about it really being no different because the other taxes are no longer coming out.
I suppose prices would come down as companies used their newly found margins to compete in the marketplace. In the interim I think a lot of people would be having trouble putting food on the table.
Perhaps not, but 23 cents on every dollar is a lot.

Beyond that, GARY JOHNSON 2012!

It's the double-digit sticker shock, eh?

I hear Gov. Johnson's point that by removing the imbedded costs passed on by other taxes, the reduced prices we would be paying would effectively offset the perceived tax increase to 23%.

It reduces the total burden from multiple sources, allowing for a higher tax from one source to effectively cost us less than the subtle impact of hidden taxes padded into current costs.

My concern is that when the tax collecting percentage is this steep; sending that much money in might be difficult for many to easily comply with. It would bring a sober awakening to have the price of government paid all at one time, instead of by the hidden installments we currently pay.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

He's lying there.

"I did hear what he was saying about it really being no different because the other taxes are no longer coming out."

If it's no different then why change it.

Sit down for a second and really think about everything you buy or have a possibility of buying now and in the future.

To the "lower class" it's a tax hike. Many below a certain income don't pay taxes.. can you imagine those people who are already poor and having to live check to check now having to pay 23% on everything they consume? It also leaves the door open for them to raise the tax as needed easily. That's why so many from numerous party's want it.

I think it would bring in more revenue for them because it would be paid at the time of the sale so essentially turning business owners into collection agencies for the Feds. Think about the oversight and penalties involved as well.

I also believe that it would slow consumption and encourage people to do without. In and of itself that might not be a bad thing. Maybe they would save more but for what reason? Save money at an incredibility low rate of yield? Slowing an already crashing economy?

And truthfully.. what right does a government have to my money, especially 23% of it.

It's a dangerous idea and I don't care if someone "thinks" he'll never get it passed.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Even those who "don't pay taxes" pay taxes

While I generally agree with your points, I would point out that even those who "don't pay taxes" still pay them on their purchases. The sales tax and corporate tax costs are built into the price for any product or service. So it wouldn't be as big of a tax hike on the poor as you make it sound. Much of the current tax costs that are built into the current prices would still be there.

However, if I understand correctly, these costs would be built into the cost at the RETAIL level. Without the various business taxes, businesses would overall have more money to hire more workers and expand their business, so more people could get hired, and it would (theoretically) reduce the overall number of poor as more jobs became available. It would also make it much easier to start up a new business.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." --H. L. Mencken

How can you say that lol

They pay no income tax of 18 to 21% then they pay 5% on food and hidden taxes at various rates but only as they use them as in gas.. until those hidden taxes equal 23% singularly we aren't in the same ballpark.

Now imagine someone who isn't paying anything in income tax but on average is paying less than 10% in hidden taxes having to pay 23% on everything. It's more money for government. They know this.. just go through the many videos where neocons are in favor of it.

Actually though you've got it backwards. When people have to pay a 23% tax on everything they buy, they'll buy less.

Why though would you willingly pay a tax at all.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Pretty much

where I was coming from.

Fair tax is the worst thing

about Johnson.
A 23% tax on food is a terrible idea at best.
Luckily, it has no chance at ever passing house/senate.
Johnson 2012!

Bad for us..good for the goverment

You're right.. absolutely no chance of it ever happening.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.



Southern Agrarian

Holy Straight Answers

Watching Ben Swann ask Obamney these exact SAME questions you'd think that he was throwing hardballs. Really, you have to cut the military and medicare to balance the budget? "Uhh... Let me be clear... "

All I want to ask is, how much more $ till we can see these ads on TV?

Save the American Dream!

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul agree with the Founders. True Patriots believe in the American Dream: Self-Government, freedom from big government tyranny and oppression.

A declaration is an affirmation. Independence means self-government. They could have called The Declaration of Independence, The Affirmation of Self-Government! Aha! The Founders were libertarian.

The elephants and donkeys deserve the bird because they have forsaken the American Dream.

Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray are the only choice to Save the American Dream: and to Restore Justice, the guardian of Liberty! The people believe in self-government and self-medication.

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why do we have a commission on pres. debates anyway?

how did it form? since when did people = commission....

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The Debates Have To Be Organized By Someone

Good Point!

Someone must put together the date, time, place, and media coordination. That could be done by the League of Women Voters or the debate sponsors or other news organizations.

The monopoly party's choose to use their own Left/Right monopoly commission to organize the debates to maintain their power.

Since they are private organizations, there isn't much that we can do about it. Candidates have the right to accept or refuse to debate and they can refuse or accept the terms of the debate.

The illegal monopoly approach used by the Libertarian Party might be the only way to attack this issue.

In the end, boycotts by the majority are the best way to solve this problem. If this week' debate only drew 20 thousand viewers instead of the 58 million that it drew, no one would broadcast or cover it and it would be located in an obscure hall that no one knew about.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Ben Swann Answers your question

Hard to believe but our 2 failing political parties are involved and are trying to manipulate things in their favor(read with sarcasm).


The "Three biggies are" Medicare, Medicaid, Military AND SS

Rarely does a politician want to mention any cuts in the entitlement programs for the elderly, good for Johnson for outing the truth. Both Medicare and Social Security need to be means tested. Ron Paul has often said foreign aid takes money from poor people in this country and gives it to rich people in poor countries. Likewise Social Security and Medicare take money from poor working people and gives it to rich retired people. After the screams and gnashing of teeth (or dentures) from the greedy geezers, they will realize if the system continues SS and MC will consume the whole budget, bankrupting the government. Its refreshing to hear this truth from a candidate, neither of the other two will address it, although they full well know it.

Gary Johnson has a clear

Gary Johnson has a clear well-spoken comprehensive message. I like his manner and his mindset regarding gov't. As the only candidate on the political stage who is offering real change and is in tune with Ron Paul's legacy of gov't. why wouldn't the American people and RP supporters jump at the chance to vote for him. He is Ron Paul reincarnate it seems to me.

slam dunk / no brainer

how can anyone living in this country in this day and age not support all of this? Is it perfect - will everyone agree 100% with all of the issues? No. But who of the other two major candidates can anyone even truly support 50% of what they talk about? Gary Johnson is the only logical extension of the Ron Paul campaign - does it line up exactly? No. But is it like night and day when compared to the choice of Coke or Pepsi? Absolutely. No brainer ... to make a difference with our votes and to speak out against the 2 party system while easily being able to agree and support the vast majority of issues. Liberty and Peace.
Gary Johnson 2012


I hope more people start to support this guy! God bless America!

“fair tax” NO

After reading and cogitating on the “fair tax” I say Gary should search for a different solution because anytime the Feds have their foot in the door or their nose in the tent they will claim some sort of jurisdiction. I think a better solution for raising money to fund government would be a Federal assessment of each state which had to be approved by a statewide referendum for each and every state before one red cent could go to Washington. If the people of each state thought the size of the federal government was too big then maybe Washington wouldn't get what they dreamed of getting. Close the purse strings and you rein in government to its proper place as servants of the people.

Maybe a better solution for collecting a consumption tax

would be to have each state collect it, then remit to their portion to the federal government. Most states have a sales tax, so it won't require a whole lot of tweaking to conform the already in place sales tax to a fair tax. If each state collected the tax it gives the carrot and the stick to the states, where now the tax is collected and controlled by the federal government. The FG now collects the tax and doles it out to the states with regulations attached, the states collecting the tax would be an excellent check on federal spending. Repeal the 16th, 17th amendments, end the fed and we would be a whole lost closer to getting our Republic back.

I really hope

Its not too late for America to hear this man address some of the important issues.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Gary talks a good game and he

Gary talks a good game and he is worth a vote. For me he should loose the peace symbol tee shirt. It doesn't make a good statement for many and many more don't even know what it means. Peaceful actions are better. How will the “fair tax” be administered?

He Sounds Just like Ron Paul

But does he mean it? Hope so.


I will fight for this man to

I will fight for this man to speak in front of millions!!!


some coward down voted your post and didnt comment why?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

I'll have to say... Garry

I'll have to say... Garry does seem very promising.

A message without meaning falls on deft ears, meaning without a message falls on no ears, but a message with meaning is revolutionary.

(if you get in a debate Garry... You can steal this quote I made up.)

good interview

but too bad the video isn't better quality.