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A Chilean friend living in Wisconsin gave me the following answer to a comment I made about the debates

So, I posted something about the Presidential Debates and why they need to be inclusive last night. I got a comment from a Chilean friend of mine living in Wisconsin and here's what he said (translated of course):

"I've been living in wisconsin for 5 years, please don't be rude and worry about making your research before proclaiming that Obama is the candidate that must get another 4 years of Communist dictatorship. Understand what healthcare, deficits and unemployment mean. fact checking my friend... fact f-ing checking. The government can't afford another term of careless and reckless spending without a reality check Derek. Cheers!"

And he voted for Obama in 08 without any fear.

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You sure u translated it

You sure u translated it right? I am not sure what he is actually meaning, here...

I did translate it correctly.

I did translate it correctly.