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Who Stole The American Dream

This is really an interesting book. The White House and this country is totally hijacked! Here is just part of the timeline:

November 1964—Barry Goldwater, a strongly anti-union, anti-government senator from Arizona, beats the mainstream Republican Establishment to win the GOP presidential nomination, but loses to Democrat Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater’s defense of political extremism and rejection of compromise as a matter of principle sparks the birth and growth of the Republican New Right, culminating in today’s Tea Party.

March 1965—Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama: Civil rights protesters led by John Lewis are brutally clubbed by Alabama state troopers and sheriff’s deputies during march for voting rights for African Americans.

July 1965—Congress enacts Medicare with strong bipartisan support: 65 House Republicans and 13 Senate Republicans join majorities of Democrats in both chambers to pass President Johnson’s historic legislation.

August 1965—Voting Rights Act is pushed through Congress by President Johnson, on the momentum of massive, grass roots civil rights demonstrations. The act removes legal obstacles to the right to vote for African Americans, especially in southern states.

1965—Consumer advocate Ralph Nader publishes his searing attack on U.S. auto industry, Unsafe at Any Speed, charging automakers with marketing defective cars, and giving consumer activism new political leverage. The burgeoning consumer movement presses Congress and the White House to create new watchdog agencies and standards for truth in packaging and truth in lending.

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