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Student Spiked Teacher's Coffee With Butt Pills

Student Spiked Teacher's Coffee With Butt Pills

"GluteBoost" supplement added to Charlotte educator's beverage

OCTOBER 5--Police are investigating a North Carolina high school student who allegedly spiked his teacher’s coffee with “GluteBoost,” a supplement that purports to “enhance your butt size.”

Charlotte cops learned of the alleged tampering from Ellen Vick, a 61-year-old teacher at Independence High School who reported that her drink was spiked last week with “some sort of substance,” according to a police report.

A subsequent investigation determined that “GluteBoost” had been added to the educator’s coffee. As detailed in the police report, investigators seized “Container of Glute boost with 1 full capsule and 3 empty capsules.”

According to the manufacturer’s web site, the “All Natural Butt Enhancement Pill” delivers “the hour glass figure you deserve without paying for expensive buttock enhancement surgery or enduring the pain of pricey butt injections.” Additionally, a prospective customer is advised that, “you can achieve your goals and get a bigger booty 100% Risk FREE.”

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