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MK Roasts Obama (Hilarious)

MK is a YouTube roaster (100k views on most roast videos) he's hilarious - he roasts Obama in this video...
(very foul language warning)


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This is the first time I've seen this guy and I couldn't stop laughing. if you don't prefer filthy language don't watch it. But it is really funny. I have to go watch it again!

MK makes Chris Rock sound

MK makes Chris Rock sound like a choir boy! OMG that was funny, and true...which made it even better.

It was a tad vulgar, but very well said!

Somebody from Showtime should hire this guy! They'd actually air it.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

for sure

i love his roasts - hes got tons of them now.... and he is vulgar but thats part of the act - tosh.0 has championed that in his own way :) even the ron paul joke at the end he basicaly said screw these guys ron paul rules (had to make a roast joke about paul) -