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Break Down The Government Walls

Inspiring, cheered me up a bit, thought I'd share...


Break down the government walls.
Speak in tongues, power is money.
I see our interests fall
Well behind their curtain.
Break down the government walls.
Infiltrate our television.
Break down the government walls.
Time to be outspoken.

I can hear the sound of falling masonry
As they try to plug that leak.
I am tempted by their cloak of secrecy
To find out what their games are about.
Ask a question and they'll talk of secret services,
secrets from the people they should serve.
When they can hide their crimes in a legal disguise
Truth will not be seen nor heard.

In Ireland they may shoot to kill without warning you
Or lock you away for a while without trial.
And if an honest cop gets too close to the truth of it
They'll set him up in style. In style.
In Chine, they murder
Their youth
Who are questioning
How their lives are controlled.
Do they have the means to rewrite history.
Wipe out the genes of doubt.

Bring down the government walls.
Bring them down within my lifetime.
Let's see the curtain drawn,
see what they're concealing.
Bring down the government walls.
Secrecy suggests deception.
Bring down the government walls.
Crime to be outspoken.
It's a crime to be outspoken.


Great tune, great lyrics, never played on the radio.

Gee, I wonder why?

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