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Both Republican & Libertarian parties blew it

The Republican Party blew their opportunity to nominate a pro-Liberty candidate and attract us, conservatives, Independents, disaffected Democrats.

The Libertarian Party blew their opportunity to nominate a pro-Life candidate and garner the full support of the same coalition that supported Dr. Paul.

If we want to succeed going forward, we need candidates who respect both unalienable rights of Life and Liberty for all human beings, who have that blend of views that drew a broader spectrum of people to support Dr. Paul.

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The Libertarians have

ZERO Senators

ZERO Congressmen

ZERO Governors

in elected office..but we're supposed to vote for them for the Presidency?

lol gimme a break. Ron Paul ran knowing the way to advance ideas is through the Republican Party, and it's working, in spite of the anti-Rand Paul rabble.


The Late Dave Nolan, who was a "founding father" ...

of the Libertarian Party was "pro-choice". Johnson is provisionally pro-choice, in that he believes the decision is a private one PRIOR TO VIABILITY OUTSIDE THE WOMB and he is pro-states rights, which means he believes abortion is a STATE issue. Ron Paul also believes abortion is a state issue.

I am "pro-life," but I still have more problems with Gary Johnson favoring keeping Gitmo open than I have with his position on abortion. I do respect that he has not "flip-flopped" on his Gitmo decision, even though it is likely to cost him votes with Ron Paul supporters.