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How Much Longer Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families?

How Much Long Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families!


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We have lot of !@#$ing

We have lot of !@#$ing brainwash dum ass !@#$ing stupid americans. Keep doing the EVIL dirty work.

You want to kill be kill.

Nothing will end war unless

Nothing will end war unless the people themselves refuse to go to war. -- Albert Einstein

it's not as black and white as it appears--

many of these people are desperate for employment, so they join the military; the military used to be a 'secure' place to work, financially--

though low paying, the benefits were there.

Nobody knows the history of a family; some people who are military did it when family members lost farms in the depression--


Others have stringently stayed out of the military, because they lost loved ones during a 'world' war--

it's a gamble--

but to say that it is the fault of those who go into the military isn't being fair. How many 'jobs' in America today aren't tainted by the globalist bankers? Not many--

I, personally, am not in the military; nor have I ever been; only one person in my family was in the military (father, WWII)--and his experience made the rest of us determined not to be involved.

Some of us are anti-war; some of us are not. I couldn't be involved in the military with the beliefs I have, but I realize that not everyone has my beliefs--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

So You Are Saying

It's okay to join a bunch of hired goons to do the dirty work of the evil socialpath elite and kill and maim children by the thousands, destroy the environment, spread stuff like depleted uranium, blow away journalists from above and rape and pillage and destroy entire cultures because you are out of work or poor? Is that what I am hearing?


no--I just realize that these people . . .

haven't awakened yet--

Joining the military, unlike robbing, isn't illegal, yet--

I don't agree with these wars anymore than you do. I am outraged by them, but I don't blame those who join the military. Most of them don't even know that these things are going on. Those of us who are awake know about the horrific things that are happening, and some people in the military actually wake up while there--

These people, who join the military, are not *our* enemies; they are co-victims of the global banking cartel--

just as we are.

It's time to educate them, not declare war on them.

So, *we* here on DP declare these people to be villains and criminals--

what do *we* do about it?

Can *we* do more than not join the military if our consciences don't allow it?

You want to form a posse and go after this grandpa and grandma and dad?

Yes, it's frustrating to know what the military is doing in the middle east; it's enraging--

but taking it out on those who are asleep isn't the answer--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Yup and it's been all

Yup and it's been all volunteer since 1973. Speaks volumes don't it and after the bankruptcy and murder we are expected to "support" this. I think not.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

thank you, Skippy !!!!

you said it better than i.
made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

I understand that you (skippyd, andyarchy, etc.) are . . .

taking out your frustrations on me.

What are *you* 'guys' going to do about it? About those who join the military--

besides demonize them?

So, if *I* put the blame where it belongs (the policymakers who have sold their souls to the international banksters)--

I get labelled as . . .


Someone who approves of war and violence and aggression?

I hope your outbursts made you feel better, because it didn't change anything--

Talk someone out of joining the military today--

THAT is making progress--

And make CERTAIN that nothing *you* do for a living is in any way directly or indirectly related to the military industrial complex--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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We agree on a lot...

So please don't take this the wrong way.

There are many people who are hungry, should we excuse those that steal to feed themselves?

There are many who are poor, should we excuse those who choose to kill and rob?

There are many who were born into a rough life, should we excuse their gang activities?

There is no excuse for murder. And to make it worse, there is no excuse for murder in my name as if I somehow requested it and therefore alleviate their responsibility in the matter!

I do not choose to attack the military members on a personal level. I believe they need rehabilitation, like all criminals. They just need to be educated as to what their choices have really been, and teach them to make better ones. But you can't do that and pretend like what they are doing is ok at the same time.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

if their "service" involved *anything* other than killing . . .

in my name, then I'd have some compassion for them.
But every time I see one of these "heroes" and their families, all I can think about are the families they massacred.
Makes me wanna throw up.

*I* have never called it 'service'--

but I still know that these people aren't awake, yet.

Blowing them up is certainly one way to wake them up?

What are you going to do?

Educate someone--

it's harder to do that talking about how terrible he/she is--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

War is unfortunately a JOB

for many people.

This is CNN media propaganda to try to make everyone believe the same old BS about war being NECESSARY and heroic.

These wars have nothing to do with the defense of America. These wars are all about power and WEALTH for the Zionist banking cartels and their associates.

The old fuzzy feelings about being heroic and defending the American nation don't work anymore. That was brain washing! The American military is being USED to destroy the homes of other worthy people in other nations! It is all about power and control and wealth in the hands of a few who feel they are ENTITLED to rule the world.


Selfless service?

In my nine years in the military, I rarely saw that. All about benefits and self-promotion.

I think I had some sense of duty, which is why I bailed early, with the rank of major, when I realized how the military is misused (and just the overall waste of money). Gave up lots of money in retirement and other benefits to go work in a warehouse, but it felt great to do anything meaningful.

I could not talk my boy out of joining, but fortunately after six years and 3 deployments he gets what I'm saying. He sees the waste in Afghanistan. He's on a plane right now coming home for the last time, as he plans to get out in February.

He did recently mention his young wife is now thinking he should stay in for the money. Apparently she's been talking to her brother who's in the military who tells her my boy is crazy to get out. I asked my boy if she would rather have him shot than making less money.

were they kidnapped and forced to "serve" ??

my sympathy lies with their victims


Collectivism is a doctrine of war, intolerance, and persecution. If any of the collectivist creeds should succeed in its endeavors, all people but the great dictator would be deprived of their essential human quality. They would become mere soulless pawns in the hands of a monster.

The collectivists idolize only the one true church, only the great nation . . . only the true state; everything else they condemn. For that reason all collectivists doctrines are harbingers of irreconcilable hatred and war to the death.


"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com

some comments here are disgusting...

I'm appalled by some of the comments here. Remember in the Matrix they create a prison for your mind. These are brave, honourable poeple. I've met many army folk and they are good poeple. They think the rag head is out to kill them all. They only see an irrational, extremeist poeple ready to wipe them off the globe where possible and wanting to take Isreal out.

If these army folk woke up to the truth then trust me, you want these poeple in your corner.

OUR JOB IS TO WAKE THEM UP... you will not wake them up by insulting them.

If you started a local paper and wanted to spread the truth, and you had a headline "state sponsored murderes" (refering to the army)... day 1 your readership would be reduced by the very poeple you trying to reach.

you got three "up" points for saying the same thing . . .

I got . . . (can't see) 2 or 3 "down" points for saying--


I agree; *we* accomplish more by standing firm ourselves (not joining the military or doing any work that helps the MIC) and educating others, not by verbally condemning those who join--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Have to agree.

When I joined 20 years ago, I joined of my own free will right out of High School. I was a blind sheeple to be blunt. I didn't join for the money, the college (hated school) or the medical(17 via delayed entry and no health issues). I joined to serve my country. I guess according to a previous post I was a "blacksheep". Though when I was in I was not a rare find...

You see I wanted to defend my country and help preserve Liberty. I was not aware of the incremental erosion of Liberty here. I was not aware of the evils our Government perpetrated. I was not aware of our Governments meddling in the middle east since at least 1920. In my "world" we were the "beacon of light" and had done no wrong.
If I was me back then and after reading these posts I would have locked my heels in and said fuck you all after reading some of these posts...
You certainly would not have convinced me of anything and you would have earned my fury.
This crap here does not change a soldiers mindset, if anything it encourages them to close up and get angry.

Hell I still have kneejerk reaction of "Fuck you".

Maybe you should stop and think

These people usually only wake up WHEN THEY ARE OVER THERE! Unfortunately for them it's too late by then. They come back in shambles and then they try to wake others up. If they come back at all. It's not doing them any favors to defend or support joining in the first place. We need to stop allowing recruiters to go around to the schools making promises they don't intend to keep!


I'm tired of hearing

I'm tired of hearing "I was deployed" from people in uniform.
To get down to the bear truth, those in uniform are "profiteering" from war too.
They volunteered to wear the uniform and are compensated for doing so.
Count on MSM to milk...the "boo hoo, I'm deployed" BS.
What a bunch of crapola.
What if they (the elites) declared WAR, and no one showed up?

That family

is about to be served a tall glass of WAKE THE FUCK UP reeeaaalll soon.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

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For as long...

As naive young people are willing to become state sponsored murderers.

They sign up to kill and die for the state.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

As long

As long as the likes of henry kissinger are associated with government things will never change.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5

As Long

as stupid people keep fighting for them. Can't have wars if no one will fight!


"How Much Long Will War

"How Much Long Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families!"

Only Congress has the Constitutional authority to determine whether we go to war.

Soldiers are sworn to uphold & defend our Constitution as well as have duties under the UCMJ which mandates that they disobey orders they know to be unlawful (unconstitutional = unlawful).

Last time Congress declared war was in June 1942. No wars have been declared since that time.

Yet, despite what our Constitution says as well as UCMJ requirements, soldiers agree to participate in undeclared/unconstitutional wars on a regular basis. Whose fault is that? They never question "authority," even when doing so is supposed to be their duty.

War Profiteers & politicians who violate their oaths of office are a major part of the problem. But soldiers have made oaths as well which they far too often ignore.

I'll conclude with a quote by a very smart individual:

"The pioneers of a warless world are the young men (and women) who refuse military service." - Albert Einstein


The guy near the end in an

The guy near the end in an interview said that "they do it for selfless service for the country." That could not be further from the truth. I know many current & ex soldiers. I've met and spoken to many others over the years. The one thing that every single one of them have in common is the fact that they do it for reasons other than "selfless service."

Many of my friends & acquaintances back in college joined to get money to pay for college. Not just an assumption but told straight to me as their specific reason for joining the military.

I've known more than a few guys over the years who had a wife, young children, no job and low chances of finding one that would be enough to take care of their family. They joined not for 'selfless service' but instead for the free house on base, free extras & a steady income to provide for their family.

A number of others have told me that they had to find a way to pay their child support. For them it was either joining the Army or going to jail after they could no longer pay support.

The national guard members who've I met, including one distant relative, explained to me about why they joined which included health insurance benefits, shopping on base at a discount and it only costing them one weekend each month + 2 weeks each summer, and they get paid for it as well.

I know soldiers who absolutely did not want to re-up but did so anyway because they were too broke to say no thanks to the few thousand dollars offered to them as a bonus if they re-upped by a certain date.

I'm sad to say that I have never had a single current or ex member of our military say that they joined because they believed what was being fought for, that they joined because they felt the need to serve their country, for patriotism or "selfless service."

Everyone that I know and have ever met joined because of some benefit that they receive.

If there was an invasion I would join the defense without even being asked. No college money, paychecks, health benefits or other perks required. Keeping what little freedom we have left would be enough of a payback for me. Just sayin'...


Risking their lives...

for the drug-trade and the property grab...
my wife and son need me here,
not away and employed to contain and murder other men's sons.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Bring our troops home NOW march on D.C. is long overdue.

It should happen BEFORE the election.At this point,I think that is the best thing we could do to help save lives.Anyone got a better idea?I'm all ears.

Did you see the look on Erin's Face At the End?

Mox, you never cease...if there is anything notable about MoxNews (other then his tenacity to find these great videos and get them up), it is his subtlety at the very end. Every single video, to my knowledge, has a very funny, very harsh, and most of the time very honest segway from their story that leaves you thinking WOW.

Trying to hold back the tears. I hope she gets it now.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Poor bastards...

They're cows to the slaughter.