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How Much Longer Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families?

How Much Long Will War Profiteers Be Allowed To Do This To American Families!


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How much longer....

Will people join the armed forces in peace time to pick up a paycheck and benefits and a sense of accomplishment?

I think you can learn self defence and physical training cheaper and less stressfully outside the armed forces in peace time.

There are many former battle hardened Navy Seals and other Special Forces persons out there willing to give much more in depth and personal lessons with a more cooperative athmosphere and better food most likely :)

The military contractors do not usually provide most of the labor.

p.s. I do not think many Vietnam Vets would be eager to join voluntarily after what they experienced. :/

My father served and made me promise never to join unless of an invasion :P


I have an interesting short

I have an interesting short story to share related to what your father said about not joining unless there was an invasion.

Around 4 years ago I was at a family reunion. A bunch of us go to talking about all the wars, etc.

I did a quick survey. Asked who would voluntarily join the Army in order to put their lives on the line defending the people of some nation far away. Nobody would. I asked about closer nations. Still no takers. Nobody would even risk their life to defend Mexico or Canada.

Then I asked what then would they do if WE were invaded? The answer: send the women and kids toward safety & then gather whatever weapons they could get in order to fight off the invaders. A draft wouldn't even be necessary. Formal entry into the military would not be necessary, either. All the guys would just go and do the right thing, no question asked. But for other countries? No way.

And that's the way it is supposed to be.

We would NEVER need a draft or unscrupulous recruiters or all sorts of benefits to get people to defend the United States. There are way more than needed who are ready and willing. Just nobody is willing to be used as a pawn in issues unrelated to our nation.

No joining unless there's an invasion sounds good to me and is pretty much the only way most people I surveyed with those questions would join as well.


Why the hell are we over

Why the hell are we over there!?

petro dollar

and other resources!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves...the land of liberty needs a regime change!


keep thinking about the 'Stanley Milgram Obedience experiments authority study 1974 psychology'


In this day and age - what with stacks of information about the true nature and purpose of the military, it is immoral NOT to walk away.

The oil industry, the arms industry and the banking industry have two words to describe types like these... SERV_ANTS or is that SERF ANTS.

Please, please, bring our troops home...

Subject says it all.