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Phone Banking Lists to States Where Ron Paul Write-in Votes Will Count?

It's a good bet that in the states where the Ron Paul write-in votes will count, most Paul supporters don't even know it. It's time to focus on the states AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, RI and MAINE, where Ron Paul's write-in votes could send the strongest message in an otherwise incredibly lame general election. In Iowa, NH, and Maine, Ron Paul could actually win if he breaks 33%. The numbers are there in these states, despite unbelievable nastiness employed to hide the fact, by the media and the GOP. Of Maine Doug Wead said:

"On every occasion, the votes that were lost were Ron Paul votes and the person responsible for reporting them were Mitt Romney supporters"

Lew Rockwell in "How the GOP Establishment Stole the Nomination From Ron Paul" reports:

To date, these tallies have not been corrected and Romney is still credited with the straw vote win while the media continues to report that Paul never won a state contest.

Just because you don't live in one of these states where Ron Paul votes could rock the system doesn't mean there is nothing you can do. Please use this thread to post and coordinate basic phone banking, Facebook, and Internet get-out-the-Ron-Paul-write-in-vote operations. Phone banking is now from cellphones with free after 7pm, 9pm, and weekend minutes, from the comfort of your own home.

In IA, CA, WI, VT we can tell folks that "no excuse" absentee and mail-in ballots are already available.

This is the easiest pitch in the world: we are simply informing Ron Paul supporters in these states that they can write-in Ron Paul, and that their votes will be counted the same as a candidate on the ballot. Be prepared for people wanting to hug you for bringing them this information.

Our audience is dejected patriots forced to choose between Mr. NDAA or...Mr. NDAA, or a third party candidate whom no one has ever heard of and whose name will send no clear message.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, is a name the banksters, the NDAA fascists, and their major party establishments fear. They were hoping never to have to hear that name in any meaningful context again. We can make sure we ruin their day.


Attention CA, IA, WI, VT Ron Paul: Write-In Ballots Now Available, 25% Early Voting Expected

Writing-in Ron Paul to Win in Iowa, NH, Maine: The Numbers Are There

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Ron Paul is only a sure write-in in Maine. Work with that state if you would like to push this, but only that state.

Here is a list of the candidates by state and the number of states states that they will appear ON the ballot. Write-ins are there too, by i suggest the former.

If you live in Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa (swing state), Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire (swing state), New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming...

This candidate would be worth the write-in. He is confirmed to be a write in in those states like Ron Paul is in Maine.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Write-in in CA is NOT a sure thing!

Thank you for contacting the Secretary of State's Elections Division
with your recent email.

The Official List of Write-In Candidates will be posted on October 26,
2012 on our website at

We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have further
questions about this or another matter related to the Secretary of
State's Elections Division, please call (916) 657-2166.

Let me tell you something bro

I worked the election as precinct chair in the past. I am going to tell you how votes are counted.
Votes on the machines are tallied by computer. Write in votes, mail in votes, all the other stuff, well that gets "counted" after the original results are already turned in from the machine tally.
If vote flipping through the machines is not your concern, or maybe it is, writing in RP does not help either situation, your best bet is to vote for a third party candidate you like, this at least brings us all together and acting as one force. Your write in vote will only be mocked, it won't even be counted.

You just got PAULED!

still waiting, "bro", on how if write-in votes aren't counted,

why the FEC reported these 2008 Ron Paul write-in votes:



Release the Sandy Hook video.

Is that why Ron Paul got 17,006 votes in California in 2008

Naw, they didn't count them.


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Please stop it!

I don't think you have noticed that Ron Paul is not running. Please stop advising people to write him in! Those write ins will invalidate their entire ballot for local choices not just on the presidential vote! Please stop misleading people. Ron IS NO LONGER RUNNING! Did you not notice he quit?

Formerly rprevolutionist

A sec of state someone here spoke to said she had never heard

of ballots being "invalidated" for having a write-in vote. Other wise they wouldn't provide the space. So for the upteenth time please stop repeating this falsehood.

A write in vote might not be OFFICIALLY counted (we know which states they will be.) But as far as invalidating an entire ballot she said SHE HAS NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING. THIS IS THE TENTH TIME YOU PEOPLE ARE PUTTING THIS LIE FORWARD. STOP!!!!

I had no real opinion on Johnson before, and might have told friends in certain states go ahead and vote for him. But now I really dislike him because I am associating him with his trolls here who have no regard for the truth.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

The point is that Ron Paul

The point is that Ron Paul stopped running in April. HE IS NOT RUNNING! Good grief, what does it take for you to see this?

Formerly rprevolutionist

Show me the link where he

Show me the link where he conceded the election!

You're a liar.

I will wrote him in if I want to.

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble But WE ARE THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION!

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble But WE ARE THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION.

You stop pleading and begging. Or: Continue if you wish. Make us laugh!

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION WRITE-IN! http://youtu.be/x1lBnX9gDSQ

Wisdom Strategies

This is my favorite write in Ron Paul video

at the end, the sound of the crowd at the Sun Dome never fails to give me goose bumps and bring me nearly to tears. To me this is the sound of man's never ending longing and commitment to Liberty. Has Rombama ever heard such deafening applause? I think not.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Thank You So Very Much! I want to add your information.

Thank You So Very Much! I want to add your information.

I am sure you would not mind. Thank you so much! ♥

This is my article: I wanted to have ALL THE WRITE-IN INFORMATION neatly compiled in one thread.

Feel free to contribute any information you have.

We are all in this together (...which is so beautiful!)



Wisdom Strategies

In Washington State he has to

In Washington State he has to have it mailed and there by Oct 19th, or he will not be a write in...

In WA he won't be an official write -in unless

Gilbert wins his case or RP signs the declaration of official write-in candidacy, unlike AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, RI and MAINE where his votes WILL count no matter what. Never hurts for someone to ask him before the deadline!

Release the Sandy Hook video.

This is astroturf BS

This effort is for those who insist on doing things their way.

Is it about Restoring the Republic? No
Is it about taking the GOP? No

This is an astroturn affort to sell voters out in the name of Ron Paul. Shame on you.

another rambling, incoherent message

from the establishment shill.

romney can't win in Ca. anyway.

write-in Ron Paul

Ron Paul won't endorse romney, why would you???

oh, because you're an establishment bootlicker that is willing to do anything to keep your appointed seat that no one else wanted.

PA counts write-ins. U pay for tabulation

Language matters. Words have meaning. "Count" and "tabulate" , 2 different words. PA counts write-in votes as "write-in". If you want those votes tabulated, well now that is something completely different, and you're gonna need to write a check to each county for that. I know. I tried to get a count in 08.

no way! they ask you for money right there?????

tell me more.

RHODE ISLAND counts and tabulates WRITE INS no prob. We take a kind of perverse pride in the write-in phenomena here. They always list the write-ins in the newspaper a couple days after the election. Jesus is usually in there somewhere....

Thanks, RI added into main post

Oregon, FYI anybody from there, does count the write ins but doesn't break them down by individual candidates. So you can write in Ron Paul there but I would waste any organizational efforts there. These efforts will give us much more bang for the buck in these other states, AL, IA, WI, PA, CA, VT, NH, DE, RI and MAINE.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

YES!! how do I hook up RI with WRITE IN RON PAUL phonebank

YES!! how do I hook up RI with WRITE IN RON PAUL phonebank? We want to call!!!

There are probably lists you can buy but one way

is to get the list of registered voters by town or city which tells you the names of people who are registered Republicans. Then plug these names in the online White Pages and see what phone numbers you come up with.

Anyone have other ideas for lists?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Eric from The Super Brochure Project Should Have Those Lists

Eric from The Super Brochure Project Should Have Those Lists

941 962 7660

Wisdom Strategies

I have all of the registered voters in Rhode Island

All parties.

Sue4theBillofrights why do recommend just focusing on Republicans? Just curious as to your logic.

I'm thinking of going for the people who list themselves as INDEPENDENT. Most of our state is registered Unaffiliated or Independent. When I went to renew my license the woman asked me if I'd like to register to vote and named like every single party except Republican. She was surprised to hear that there were ANY Republicans in Rhode Island. I told her that I was a Ron Paul republican...but that I would like to change to Unaffiliated and I took the opportunity to tell her about the RNC and managed to slide in that "the democrats did the exact same thing with the teleprompter at their convention - so they are both broken parties."

RI is good for the pissed off Democrat and the Independent vote in my opinion.

should be every state

Every state should have so much respect for the democratic election process. Trust me, if PA were like Rhode Island I would be purchasing a few grosses of those rubber wrist bands with "Write-In Ronald Earnest Paul for President" printed on them and would be passing them out like candy to every voter in my immediate precincts. I'd be in it to win it, and I wouldn't want anyone to forget how to spell his name correctly. Lisa Murkowski used those bracelets to successfully win re-election as a write-in candidate. A blueprint with proven success is a good place to draw ideas from. (hint-hint, wink-wink)

Godspeed Rhode Island

Ron Paul or NO ONE at ALL!

Ron Paul or NO ONE at ALL!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

reedr3v's picture

Bump for excellent effort and tenacity