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Male suspect strip searched and examined by 2 female troopers


I'm re-posting this video since the last one got piled on by downvoters. I found it early, and there was little information. Now we know that the man in the video was accused of rape, and is undergoing an examination by two female state troopers while several male troopers are outside the door. The video was obtained and posted by the man's parents, who say he has a learning disability and wouldn't understand his right to refuse 'requests' from the police. His mother gives more info in the comments section. Perhaps now we can be righteously outraged, but I'm not sure why some people here require so much background information before they call a spade a spade.

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What is the background on this story?

They're taking pics, shaving the guy. WTF did he do to bring this about?

Forensic evidence

This was a rape investigation. The comments section has a lot more info. Apparently they were plucking pubic hairs, taking pictures, etc. This may or may not be typical in this sort of investigation, but not the all-female cop examiners and the video camera. Those issues are what push this into more disturbing territory.

They're taking pictures?!


Most People Do Not Realize the Power of The Police State

Just based on an accusation, you can lose your freedom, your privacy, your money, your job, your family, your reputation, and/or your ability to properly defend yourself in a trial. If you are finally let go, there is no easy way to collect damages from the people who falsely accused you. And there is usually no practical recourse against the people who abused you while you were in their captivity.

Of course, we do not know if an accusation is false until trial, which is why it is bad to breech a person's natural rights based on an accusation.

Even with a trial, your false accusation can become a false conviction, which creates a whole new set of problems.

Gene Louis
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Plenty of CFNM fetishists here

Maybe we should really soil the Daily Paul and start talking about how awesome Abu Ghraib was as a service to Iraqi men.



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Um... Where did this

Um... Where did this originate from and who are you? How did you happen to come by this?


I'm just the man behind the curtain. Pay no mind.

As far as the video, I came across it on Youtube, where I find most videos these days.

I'll take that double standard..

Now thats a lucky guy..I could understand if the women were 2 bertha's but damn..not bad at all..

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couldn't tell if they were shaving him, dusting for prints, or painting his pecker with Sherman Williams. I didn't last the entire 7 minutes though.