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Writing in Ron Paul

People who persist with this write-in Ron Paul nonsense are actually harming the liberty movement. It would be better if they would just sit at home.

In order to qualify as a Major party the Libertarian party needs to get X % of the votes, and these clowns who vote for Ron Paul because they have no clue how the system works and lack even the vaguest notion of strategy, are making it harder to reach that threshold.

If you insist on writing in Ron Paul, just stay at home and do it. You will save yourself the time, it will have the same effect (what is it you are actually trying to accomplish???), and you won't make it that much more difficult to reach the % thresholds we need to put an end to this 2 (1) party system.

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LP is not interested in being a major party

GJ is a Republican, LP does not ask the nominee to be a Libertarian, that's why they nominate Republicans election after election. LP is designed to give disenfrancised "Repoublicans" a place to vote.

RP suggested Libertarians take the GOP. The best did, the rest are voting for a Republican wearing a LP button.