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JetBlue has a fantastic deal for the disappointed


JetBlue is offering 2012 free trips out of the country to randomly selected participants if your candidate does not win. The problem is that it only gives two choices, you know who. But my candidate, Gary Johnson, is not listed so I refused to participate. I would like to get a free trip to Barbados if either Romney or Obama wins. Makes sense, right? So I suggest we all give a shout-out to Blue to include Johnson and may be even Stein on their choice menu. These stupid corporations!

Here are some links etc. to get you guys started.

1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583)

Here is their contact form: http://www.jetblue.com/contact-us/help_contact_problems.aspx

I filled in the following: "In your silly and very creative and innovative "Election Protection" program, you are offering only two choices while my candidate, Gary Johnson is not listed in the choices. I would get out of US for a week and spend a week in a cave in Central Africa or alternately suffer a week on Costa Rica beaches if either Romney or Obama wins. So how are you being fair to all of your customers. Please list Gary Johnson and Jill Stein immediately to your list of choices. It does not cost you a penny more to do it. So why not promote diversity instead?"

You will have to fill in some garbage flight info at the end. I put in a date of November 8 - destination SXM

Visit and poop on http://www.facebook.com/JetBlue?fref=ts

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GJ already lost

GJ the loser for losers.


Granger, what can I say? You floor me with your comment. Do you want to expand for the sake of the less informed, the basis of your excretion?