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Halloween is coming!

Halloween is coming, and I was cleaning the house and listening to "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo, and getting in the spirit of things. As I listened to the lyrics, I amused myself by comparing it to the Republican Party and their fraud of a convention (Democrat party too).

A quick wiki on Oingo Boingo for those that may not know who I'm talking about: Oingo Boingo is an 80's and early 90's band from Los Angeles, with front man Danny Elfman. Danny Elfman is a film composer (most of Tim Burton films and many others) who wrote (among many others) the music for Nightmare Before Christmas and sang the part for Jack Skeleton and a few other characters.

Enjoy the video below of them from 1985 or 87.



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Just went to see the movie

Just went to see the movie "Frankenweenie" last night and the music was beautiful. I knew it had to be Danny Elfman's. I love his compositions. Have both his "Music from a Darkened Theater" recordings that have music from all the movies and tv shows he's written for. Thanks for this!

Ever seen the Forbidden Zone?

Ever seen the Forbidden Zone?

Southern Agrarian


I saw that back in the early 90's. I loved it! I also loved "Shrunken Heads".