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Yuba City, CA City Council candidate Rick Walsh

Hello everyone,

I'm Rob Walsh, a 27 year old college student at Yuba College in California, a 6 year Navy veteran and the treasurer for my dads campaign for City Council in Yuba City, California.

My dad, Rick Walsh, is running against 4 other people for 2 open spots in a 5 person city council with a rotating Mayor. The goals are to fix the cities budget, reduce further burdens on the tax-payers due to inflated pensions and unnecessary long term debt among many other budget related issues but we also are interested in protecting the community from unconstitutional laws and bad regulations.
Our website is

The purpose of my post is to introduce another liberty candidate to the DP community and to ask for some advice.
It's really amazing the reaction people give when we talk about the budget in the city and the country as a whole. We have even had some people talk to us about Agenda 21, smart growth and keeping drones out of our skies.

I was curious on the ability of a city to resist the tyranny of the Federal government. Certain things like restricting the cities air space from drone usage, not enforcing the NDAA or Patriot acts in our city limits, rejecting horrible EPA regulations and fighting back against the control used by the Federal Government with grants given to cities who comply with their demands... etc.

I've been reading up on some of the complaints from the people in the community but I really don't know how much power a Mayor or a City council member has to challenge Federal authority over a small community.
If anyone has served on a city council or has any information that could assist me I would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure I'll be learning a lot more about this process, especially if we are lucky enough to get elected. We'll keep pounding the pavement and keep trying to spread the message.
Thanks for reading and if you want to support our efforts to get elected you can at

-Rob Walsh

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Here is an article from the

Here is an article from the local paper, the Appeal-Democrat to show that we actually are on the ballot in Yuba City.


"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled" - Mark Twain