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Mitt Romney's Promise to America

During the first debate, Mitt Romney said "I'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for"

Think about the implications of that statement.

Is he promising a completely balanced budget, where we draw down the troops, cut the wasteful spending, and get government back to where it should be?

Or is he saying he will raise taxes to the point that we won't need the Chinese to prop up our debt?

Or finally is he saying he'll find another lender for the US? Some other foreign policy or wealthy interest?

Or more likely, is he simply saying whatever sounds good, just to get elected?

Is this a promise to America that Mitt Romney will keep? Is it a moral conviction that we can count on? Or is it simply another unsound bite, intended to be a throwaway line? If only we could count on him to keep this one promise. I think even Dr. Paul would vote for a person that could keep such a promise.

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I think it's unlikely that

I think it's unlikely that Romney will win the election.

Regardless of who wins the election, I believe that war with Iran will be the scapegoat for a massive economic collapse. War will also be the excuse to borrow & spend even more. War with Iran will be the scapegoat because politicians will not want to take responsibility for what they have done nor will they want their legacies to be that of failure.