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Does Anyone Know How To Extract A Few Frames From A Video File? As In Right Now!


And I need to extract one frame(picture) from the video file of a you tube video. After extracting it, I need to replace it with a different picture.(all without messing with the audio track)

If anyone knows how to do this simply , let me know. (I can even email you the you tube link and the time points that need to be extracted and replaced.)

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Submitted by Phantom on Sat, 10/06/2012

Gave you the answer....
"If you just need some images, pause video and press Print Screen - 

Then paste it into MS Paint and save.
 That is the easiest way.

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thanks for all the advice below.... HOWEVER .. ..

I have a real important question.

If you want to cut a clip out of a video. (say a snapshot) and replace it with another snapshot, but keep the audio for the video as it is. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Can it be done?



I can...

Simple matter of 'overlaying'...
Give me the link, time in video and I will upload the result on my channel.

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what program are you useing?

is it simple enough to do? (or is more technical?)


Mostly I use Adobe premiere pro. For me it's intuitive...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

This "urgent" post is from October. Never mind!

I don't know, maybe he still needs the info.

I see below where Jday is here and apparently still does need it.

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Piece of cake

It's easy to do that with PowerDirector, (or any commercial video editor). I do not currently own a video editing program. I had one before the last computer crash. Buy me one and I will be glad to do the work.

You are aware, are you not, that a single frame will not be noticeable? Very strange request.

Edit: Oops. Just noticed that this is a disinterred thread. I assume the crisis has passed by now.

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Jive, its not passed, I am jsut stuck on this one point.

the clip or picture is like 5-20 seconds long (I did not count) and it really makes a statement. can you do this on video pad? or is power director the only one you know of?

Jdayh, We the People

Gave you the answer....

"If you just need some images, pause video and press Print Screen
Then paste it into MS Paint and save.
That is the easiest way.

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I've used Windows Live Movie Maker...

download video and use the video edit feature to select split and trim sections wanted.

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Do not use Windows Movie

Do not use Windows Movie Maker, people will think you made your video using a potato.

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There is also a free program called Photoscape you can...

download from www.cnet.com. It combines video editor, screen capture and slide viewer. The screen capture is selectable, meaning you can capture all or part of the screen (like Snagit).

Bob, however can I edit a new frame into a video?

after deleting an old frame? (while not messing up the audio?)

that's what I need to do.

That is a tricky thing to do without fairly sophisticated...

editing software. You need software with a frame counter. Otherwise, the difference of a single frame will result in loss of voice synchronization of those on camera. However, if the frame is at the end of a video sequence, you can use a video to audio converter to create a separate audio track, then use software as unsophisticated as MovieMaker to recombine your second audio track with the original video. NOTE: If you do this, you will have to mute the original audio on the video track. That is a "right click" selection when your cursor is placed on a video track.

Heres what you should have and know

VLC Player:

It's great! It plays nearly every known video format and can even fix broken code video files.

Get It Here

Download it and Open it.

Load your video file and let it play. At the spots you want to capture the frames you want just press Shift+s and the player will take a snapshot and save it. Its stellar!

To save the image in a specific folder so its easy to find:

After opening the player, go to Tools->Preferences->Video and scroll down to the bottom. There you will see "Video Snapshots"

Just set the folder location you want to save the snapshots and BE SURE to set the format to either .jpg or .png (Warning: those are the only two image formats available with VLC.)

Good Luck! Can't wait to see it!

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

ok I did what you said, and set the preferences to .jpg and the

folder , now when I press shift +s the file shows for a sec up top the screen, however it does not show up in the destination folder.

What could I be doing wrong??

OK IT WORKS! (just rebooted ,and tried again, easy as anything --thanks!!

Your Welcome

: )
Are you going to show the daily paul community?

Again, I can't wait.

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can a frame be replaced with VLC?

or rather exchanged ? like switched from one pic to another?

I don't think so.

That type of editing requires the creation of a new file. Which to the current state of my knowledge is unfathomable when it come to VLC.

If you seek a program that can do what you ask... and then sum, try here.



~Good Night, And Good Luck~

thanks , I see there are 18 choices.

so far I have tried 2 (wmm, and mewa film) both wont do what I'm seeking. I could download each one and try, but thought you may have some insight into what may do what I want? If so please let me know.


ok this is great , I have VLC player

and I have the video i need to snip also downloaded.

i will try this.

If you just need some images, pause video and press Print Screen

Then paste it into MS Paint and save.

That is the easiest way.

mountaincat's picture

If this doesn't work

and you are running Windows, look for the "snipping tool" in programs.

there's a free program called

there's a free program called avidemux:

open the video file, in the player go to the exact position where you want the frame to start and "mark in" the A position, then go to the end frame and "mark out" B position, then save the video selection.

Depending on the format of the video, this might not work. A failsafe option is to do a video screen capture (don't try to time the record and stop exactly right - it's too hard) to an avi file, and then load the avi in another free program called Virtualdub: http://www.virtualdub.org/
The editing process is similar to avidemux

Sorry, can't give more details I'm going to sleep now

edit: I just noticed you only needed still images - that makes it easier. Download a free video player called Media Player Classic Home Cinema, open the video file, go to the frame you want captured and pause, then click File -> Save Image
do that for each frame you want captured and you're good to go

ok to clarify, I have the clip or frame I want to add

I just need to know how to delete a frame from a video. then insert the new picture in that frame. (without messing up the audio version of the video)

seems simple. but have not had success doing this.

any ideas?