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This will blow your mind

How much have we all grown as the election is winding down. I am very happy with all the debate. GJ, non-voters, Virgil Goode voters. We are all an alliance. Lets keep it up.

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I'm sorry.

Virgil Goode, is not worth your vote. GJ has a foreign policy based on NeoCon fallacies... This election is the first one in my life that I am seriously considering NOT voting, simply because I do NOT have a candidate worth my vote. I can't write in Ron Paul in my state. So I may just sit this one out. It's not like Senate or Presidential elections have brought me candidates that preserved my liberty either. I tend to think our only real shot at influence is the local level. Everything else is just picking your warden, as far as I can tell...

I feel your pain!

Only you can know what is right for you, BUT I urge you not to sit it out. I have my problems with some of the foreign policy statements GJ has made, BUT cutting military spending by 43% isn't exactly neocon-based. There is no "replacement" for Ron Paul. But look at ALL options in your state and choose the one that makes the loudest statement for liberty. That's an "urge", not a demand. :-)

Vote for GJ anyway. while far

Vote for GJ anyway. while far from perfect, he is sufficiently closer to us compared to the GOP mainstream, so that post-election-loss analyses by Karl Rowe cannot help but notice that moving in our direction would, at least, have gained your vote.

Compared to not voting, and leaving Karl & Co. confused as to whether you abstained because you want Romney to be more like Cheney (if that's possible), voting for GJ is an improvement. And it's not like he's gonna win anyway, so his foreign policy isn't exactly going to matter in practice.

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Yes, and beyond talking cats


The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. - Alan Watts

I cannot resist

This is what I placed originally.


Notice Building 7.

I figured the DP was not ready for such a flash animation. Still, I am also heartened to see the improvement in relations as the election winds down. We all have a chance for introspection.

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Mind blowing?