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Philippines to prosecute posting of “defamatory” comments; $24,000 or 12 years in prison.

The Philippines has approved measures to prosecute users that post “defamatory” comments on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. They will be liable for a fine of 1 million pesos (US$24,000) or face up to 12 years in prison.

Websites that publish the material may also be shut down.

The cyber-law has been branded as ‘draconian’ and a serious violation of freedom of speech by rights groups.

“The cyber crime law needs to be repealed or replaced,” said Brad Adams, Asia director of the Human Rights Watch. “It violates Filipinos’ rights to free expression and it is wholly incompatible with the Philippine government’s obligations under international law.”

He stressed that while the bill was in action it will have a “chilling effect over the entire Philippines online community.”


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Websites may be shut down?

Websites may be shut down? Good luck with that seeing as most of the servers for these websites are not in the country.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Be wary of the line "wholly

Be wary of the line "wholly incompatible with the Philippine government’s obligations under international law".

Fighting for natural rights and appealing to international law shouldn't be seen together.

Unless the PI has changed....

I would not be setting penalties for noncrimes that are greater than those for assassinating arrogant politicians.

Run Pinoy Run

While you can

The Philippine Police State is back....F'ing hard to believe

this, and this happens under the rule of "Noynoy" Aquino III (son of assassinated Sen. Ninoy Aquino, who died and fought against Martial Law rule under the tyrannical Marcos dictatorship). Now, he tries the "Iron Fist" rule of his father's nemesis.

Noynoy (of the revitalized Liberal Party of the Philippines, the "Democratic Party" of the P.I.) is often compared to Obama..he is the Philippine version of "FOR WAR" Obama.

The father Aquino must be turning in his grave...


goes to show that there is indeed someone pulling the strings from BEHIND...........hmmmm... I wonder who that could be?


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This is the power of government in action

If this law were implemented here, the DP would be shut down, and most of us would be bankrupted!

You think, 'oh, that's just the Philippines - some corrupt banana republic where the dictators don't want the people talking bad about them online.' But it could happen in anywhere without a well educated and vocal populace.

Tides turn, things change.

ITS corrupt...

coz the elites over there learned it from the best...the corrupt elite from here ( US)...AS RP said, most politicians does not have principles which means its easy for them to go where ever the wind blows. That is the same way over there....



THE PROGRESSIVE and NEOCONS who RUNS that place...that is why the people get screwed...study phil society now...we may recognize it here in the not so far future....