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Maybe Romney should win

I should vote for Gary Johnson, but I am getting tired of family and others telling me we have to get the evil Obama out of there, even though they don't know what Romney stands for.

Things will likely crash either way in the next few years, so I have this dark fantasy that it will happen with the savior Romney in there so we can shut some people up.

I'd just love to see how Romney will fix everything without any cuts, without dealing with the Fed, and while starting a war with Iran.

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i thought about this. if

i thought about this. if romney wins and does a terrible job(which he will) then it can be a i told you so moment come 2016 election and get a liberty minded candidate elected, but unfortunatly i seriously doubt it would work that way, besides i'm still not voting for him. guss we'll see how it goes

You must be over tired.

8 long years of romney, extremely tough to beat an incumbent in 2016... yep, you must be over tired.

Get some rest, have a good cup of coffee, and go from there :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul