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Why Democrats Should Hate Obama

While not surprising, I still find it disturbing to watch people enthusiastically support a president that they actually don’t even agree with, or shouldn’t agree with. I understand that most voters couldn’t care less about politics; and when I say politics, I mean the issues. Most voters, every four years, come out of political hibernation, to perform what they have been told is their duty.

They vote based on speeches and soundbites, for unfortunately, they just do not follow the actions of their candidate as closely as they do the actions of their favorite sports teams. We all claim to understand that most politicians will say anything to get elected yet we still support candidates based solely on what they say, not what they do.

I thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to compare the supposed beliefs of the average liberal not to Obama’s words, but his actions. Let’s list some of Obama’s “accomplishments,” specifically those that actually go against what liberals are supposed to stand for…

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Denise B's picture

I hate to say it

but I think in most cases the term "honest Democrat" is an oxymoron...just sayin..:)

reedr3v's picture

Well written, succinct, clear. I hope many will read it


LGBT / Pro-choice

Every liberal friend of mine supports Obama because he is both pro-choice and supports the gay community. I was half-hoping that article would give me arguments against those based on his record but it only mentioned issues these people flat out IGNORE because they think it doesn't effect them when we bomb foreign nations, print more money, and pass laws like PATRIOT and NDAA

Ask them what he has actually

Ask them what he has actually done to advance the cause of gay marriage. Seems to me like he is just keeping them hanging http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/05/timeline-of-oba...

In fact as senator he voted against an amendment to allow same sex marriage: http://www.thepoliticalguide.com/Profiles/President/US/Barac...

Same here

My friends couldn't care less about wars, sound money and their personal freedoms, so long as the guy supports a federal gay marriage law. It's very frustrating.