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Where do we go from here?

We lost a battle in a tough primary, so now how do we unite and make the liberty movement keep moving forward?

In many ways I see us independent thinkers as having total controll over where the country is going to go, but we haven't united in the proper direction yet. So my question is what is the proper direction for the movement. Do we continue to try and reform the republican party or do we make a move for a third party bid for the future? My personal thoughts are we are much closer to changing the republican party then we are winning a third party bid on the national stage. The only reason I think this is because we currently have the people to controll the outcome of the election, but not enough to win one without major party affiliation. After all the republicans are currently going up against a record that hasn't been matched since Jimmy Carter, and they can not win without us.

So if we stand strong and don't give our vote to the status quo that means 4 more years of Obama. What do we do from there? How do we capitalize on holding the republican party accountable?

Otherwise lets start a third party strategy for 2016. I think a tea party type movement that promotes only third party canidates. Unite only on the grounds of no major party affiliation. Attack the two party system like the tea party was meant to do. Those are just a few of my thoughts I want to know what we can agree on and move forward to keep the ideals of common sense economics moving forward.

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