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Ron Paul to Speak at Utah Valley University October 18

What will he speak about?
Will he endorse Gary Johnson?
Will he criticize Romney and Obama?
Will he announce his 2016 plans?
Will he draw 10,000+?
Here are the details.

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Glad to meet you.

To clarify, you are libertarian but not a Libertarian (party) I suppose. There is quite a difference. However, you seem open minded to hear my beliefs about this issue, which is awesome. I went to BYU for a semester and that's how I learned about the "white horse" prophecy. My professor raved about it's existence and declared that the Constitution was indeed "hanging by/like a thread". The link I originally provided explains this white horse part, although it's a wikipedia entry, so it might not suit your needs. So, here is more about this White Horse Prophecy:



or just google "White Horse Prophecy"

even this guy reported it, with references from Brigham Young and other Elders :


Why did Ron Paul say it? I don't know. But, I don't know why Jesse Benton was around so long either. So, obviously Ron Paul is not perfect but saying those words doesn't bring him down to any level in my opinion. It's rather catchy to say "hanging by/like a thread" but I'm more worried about the intentions behind who is saying it. As Mercy Me sings....I can only imagine.

Alright. Well, I went to BYU

Alright. Well, I went to BYU for oh... 9 semesters. The prophecy indeed is referenced a lot in church literature. I'd never heard it referred to by that name before, but sure. Also, that one video references the law of consecration, which is essentially a collectivist theocracy, but it would be run by God in theory and therefore it would be fair and just. We can debate that part some other time. I certainly wouldn't consider that YouTube source any more reliable than some Wikipedia page though.

Also, yes, Glenn Beck often refers to Mormon ideas without explicitly saying it, but that makes sense. I don't see any issue here. Glenn Beck believes that the Constitution will be hanging by a thread at some point, and it does appear to be doing so. I don't think he is rallying anyone (especially Mormons specifically) to overthrow the US or anything. It's a commonly used phrase in the church, so it makes sense that he'd use it when the Constitution appears threatened by everything going on today.

I see a big overreaction here in my opinion. And in the interest of full disclosure, I am an inactive member of the church... so I wouldn't just stick up for it for the sake of sticking up for it. I really don't think there's anything to worry about here though.

Devin we should connect

You really know your stuff.


The videos and....

Article ....which was NOT Wikipedia nor Youtube .....were meant to show you it is referenced as the White Horse Prophecy. However, I find it odd that I, not being LDS know that it was called this and you being LDS didn't. This seems to happen quite often with church business,I find. Oh man, the things I could show you about your church would blow your mind. Anyways, you bring up great points about this subject. I would love to debate about Christianity vs Mormonism, notice I separated the two :) but since we are all Libertarians we can agree to disagree. If you want to debate, it's up to you, however. I believe you are an honest person but I have read, seen and experienced some silly things regarding the church. Enough to make me question intentions. Not an attempt to slam individuals. All of us here want the constitution restored but at what cost do we lose our individual freedoms to institutional slavery?

I have problems with the

I have problems with the church. There's a reason I no longer attend. However, I think most LDS people mean well. I don't think the church is a terrible, evil organization. They seem as Christian as any other group to me.

The fundamental aspect of Christianity is...

The Trinity. Mormons are out right off the top.

Says whom?

and with what authority?

Only two are not Mormons...

Guess which ones.....


A prophetic picture for 2012?


The mormans in Mexico

The mormans in Mexico actually seem pretty libertarian-ish

Why Utah?

Why Utah?

really good question

Ron Paul got 5% to Romney's 90% in the primaries. So, you'd think there's nothing for Ron Paul in going. However, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth because that's only a 10 minute jaunt up the freeway for me! Can't Wait! Can't wait!


Utah Law views gold and silver as currency

A good standing point on which to spread the message of Liberty.

Endorse Mitt? I'd be shocked.

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I can see it now.

I can see it now. Sets up a speech in Romneyville, invites the media and Romney and promises good news and an endorsement.. then when everybody is there, he endorses the constitution.

this is where he introduces new party (i wish)

4 years ago he started up campaign for liberty,
now it's time to start a new party

TEA Party 2.0, this time,

TEA Party 2.0, this time, without the takeover.

This is where politicians....

Go to endorse other candidates. I'm from Provo down the street. The logical assumption is not a Gary Johnson endorsement but a Mitt Romney endorsement, based on the demographics. However, this is Ron Paul were talking about and we have never seen him sell his soul to the devil once. Why would he now? Look for a push to educate the masses instead.

Hope this goes viral

Would love to see 10,000 + folks at this event.

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Of course he won't endorse Gary Johnson. This is about Ron Paul

not Gary Johnson.

He has made it clear he doesn't plan to endorse anyone.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


Freedom and our liberties!My President Ron Paul!

he will do what he always

he will do what he always does and spread the message, that's it.

You think the normal Ron Paul Stock speech

follow the constitution,personal responsibility, end the fed, beware ndaa, taxation is theft, end the drug war, bring the troops home,raw milk rights etc?

He gave a lot of those when he was running. I would think he might include those points but there has to be something extra he wants to say to comment on current events.

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He wants to say "Miss me,

He wants to say
"Miss me, yet?"
And, "I'm voting for myself, everyone else should too".

Stock and current is what he does.


Denise B's picture


It will be interesting to see what he decides to talk about...I'm sure it won't be to endorse either Romney or GJ..

Surprised he picked Utah

A Romney strong hold

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It's where I first heard of Ron Paul

there's a contingent there. I hope we can make a big showing. How great would it be if Ron Paul is drawing more people to his speeches than Romney even after the primaries, in Utah no less!



RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION! Stand Up, Utah!

Wisdom Strategies

Media will ignore the event unless

he endorses Johnson

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This is for US,

not for media, and certainly not for Johnson.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul