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SHOCKING! Costa Mesa Mayor Proposes To Shut Down Soup Kitchens To Deal With Homeless Problem (VIDEO)

SHOCKING!! Costa Mesa Mayor Proposes To Shut Down Soup Kitchens To Deal With Homeless Problem (VIDEO)

October 5, 2012 6:03 PM

COSTA MESA (CBSLA.com) — The mayor of Costa Mesa proposed to get rid of soup kitchens to deal with the area’s homeless problem at a city council meeting on Tuesday.

“My belief is that if we manage to put the soup kitchen out of business that will go a long way to addressing the attractiveness in our city that’s creating a huge negative impact,” Eric Bever said.

According to Bever, the “negative impact” is homeless people who like Costa Mesa because of services that offer food to less fortunate individuals.

Read more: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2012/10/05/costa-mesa-mayor-p...

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I guess they want government to take care of them instead.

I guess they want the goverment to take care of them instead of churches and non-profit orgs. Next will be Catholic charities and St. Vincent de Paul.

Part of the depopulation process I guess.

That's probably more to the truth in this case..


My instinct tells me there is more behind this

I work at a soup kitchen, so this is an important story to me.. how would I feel if that happened here? The same could be said, "That people come to this area because we offer services.. but these serivices are not part of the government.. and that's where I think there is something more to this.

I think I'm seeing where the government may decide to close the soup kitchens and food banks, taking it out of the people and church's hands and into the government's.

Eric Bever http://www.ci.costa-mesa.ca.us/CMBiography.htm?name=Eric%20B...

Something is up with this.. It's a hit piece on Bever.. he's a Republican.. I don't know.. I smell a rat and it's not just Bever..

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because managerial control is the highest value,

certainly not the unproductive minor serf classes.