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Mitt Clobbers Obama - Animated Version

A light hearted look at the results of the 1st Presidential Debate.


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oh my god Romney doing the "gangnum style" dance at 1:52 was too funny

looks like

looks like romney bought the daily paul!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein


What is this pro-Rmoney garbage doing on the front page?

I couldn't finish it. No

I couldn't finish it. No appeal here.

so what ? as ron paul says

Romney is better than Obama on presentation and management style
Big deal
Romney is still in favor if wealth redistribution,drug wars,ndaa
And statism

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death tapping on his watch...


I am sorry

but this failed the 'fun' test miserably for me.

I have no clue as to why this is on the front page.

Romney's "victory" dance is funny as shit!

Side note: I wonder if a 747 crashed into the building that night....would it have left any signs of the actual plane in the wreckage???

This Video

Has nothing to do with anything. Just thought it was fairly well done. We all know that neither canidate offers anything of real substance. I think the creators of the video were just going by what the MSM were protraying, I doubt they are for or against either. I could be wrong of course. Take it for what it is.... a cartoon so to speak.


Why did this make the front page? Comedy Relief? I am not laughing. I would much rather watch the TSA song. "Twisted Sexual Assault" anytime. Now THAT was funny!


Great, Romney propaganda.

Great, Romney propaganda. No thanks, we know Obama and Romney are the same and that the propaganda for both comes from the same source .