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Ben Swann Chip-In/Moneybomb?

(perhaps the idea is ill-conceived, but the notion is bedrock)

I got this idea about 3 months ago or more. Seeing as how Ben Swann is front-paged here again I thought I'd try now to pitch this idea.

I'm suggesting a chip-in or moneybomb with a goal of raising $1-2000 to be set aside in a special isolated account, payable to Ben Swann on demand, to defray his moving costs or any other expenses, should he stop working at WXIX and go to work elsewhere.

While Ben's station is an independent affiliate, he still works under a contract. When it comes time to renew it one of several things might happen:

-He will be offered a new, better deal from his current employer because he pulls ratings and makes money for the affiliate

-He may be offered his own FOX show

-He may not have his contract renewed due to whatever reason, including possibly pressure from FOX

-He may decide not to take any offers, quit FOX and WXIX, and look elsewhere for employ.

Should any of these happen, I think that a token amount of $1000 would show him that he has real support out there, that the liberty movement is organized enough to amass a sum of money for him, and that this particular amount is just a fraction of what he can expect to earn in the future if he stays 100% on-target and on-message, continuing to investigate the stories his true fans are interested in.

And, once it is known far and wide that this fund exists, even though it is relatively quite small, it might make FOX think twice about trying to get Ben to play their game (i.e. sell-out, which I don't think Ben could ever do.

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Being able to see into the future isn't so much a gift or curse

so much as it is a thing.

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what's the difference between a duck?

...besides its feet...

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Two problems

I can see at least two problems with what you are proposing, though I'm sure he would appreciate the thought of someone looking out for him (and to that, I commend your generosity). But first problem presumes that he needs the money and that the next place that employs him won't be willing to help him relocate should he accept the position.

Second problem is this would present a conflict of interest that he himself is trying to avoid. He has deliberately stated he is not part of our movement, even if he reports on things we are aware of and are typically first to hear about. He's a real journalist who cannot be bought, and therefore we should respect that and not try to throw money at him, as that would put pressure on him to advocate for us, or it would at least seem to outsiders that we're the ones who pay his tab.

This would severely damage his credibility, so I would recommend not to do anything except be in contact with him and share sources of info and let him do his own thing. Remember, we share the truth in common, and that's what brings us together. Not because he's "ours".

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Good points

Naturally his new employer would cover moving expenses which is traditional. I only named that as one possible use. The money would be available to him even if he decided to retire and go hide in the woods.

On your second point, the target sum would only be between $1000 and $2000 - neither of which I think anyone could really be swayed buy. Hard to see how anyone, no matter how critical of LM or Swann, could accuse him of being 'bought' or 'influenced' by 2 grand.

The ultimate goal would actually never the money disbursed - it should hang there more like a symbolic sword, just a way to let the establishment know that we're waiting for them to try to tamper with their system now that we are taking it over...

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I think your idea

I think your idea is very noble, but I am not willing to chip in to a "what if" campaign. I would rather respond to the need at the time.

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If there are ever any rumblings on the net concerning Mr. Swann.

Then this idea could be implemented, once the bugs are worked out in advance...

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