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Pollster just told me there are only two choices.

I just received a phone call from a pollster, but I could not determine who is behind the poll. Without giving any names, he asked me who I would vote for today for IN US Senator. I said Andy Horning (L) and pollster gladly accepted that Libertarian candidate. Second question was on US President and I answered Gary Johnson. Pollster acted like he didn't know who that was, then told me that in IN there will only two choices: Romney and Obama. I know this was false information.

What I thought was very unusual is that the pollster was willing to record my support for Horning, who was on his list, but not for Gary Johnson.

Pollster's number is 317-667-0812.

I participated in a telephone poll a couple of weeks ago from the RNC which included IN governor, senator and my IN8 house member. All three offices included R, D and L candidates listed in alphabetical order.

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Pollster committed fraud.

Complain to the FCC.