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Tribalism explains everything - good article

Found an interesting article summarizing human behavior and our evil nature in defending whatever tribe or group we belong to. Explains why people bash the other party even if its the same. Also explains why we like to go to war.

Much of what Jesus and others preached was to help us resist our natural tendencies. Love our enemies, blessed are the peacemakers, the golden rule, etc. But even those professing belief let their instincts override what they preach.

I intend to call people out on this stuff because most people are not aware how they are acting - it is subconscious animal behavior. I have chickens and cattle and I learn more about politics from them than anyone else.

Of course, the guys at the top take advantage of our herd instincts. Get us to hate the other guys no matter the issues.


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"How to Make a Slave" by Willie Lynch. 5 pages, techniques can vary, but the principles are all there.

NO MORE LIES. Ron Paul 2012.

Makes sense that someone like you...

would say something like this.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

I've always tried to

I've always tried to understand the underlying reason things are as they are. Was baffling for years to share information and have people reject it for nonsensical reasons. Now it makes sense that people have a fear of having their tribe or source of security threatened.

Alot of quotes make more sense, like this one - we are so easily manipulated:

"Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."

--Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

Or, even better, ATTACK THE

Or, even better, ATTACK THE PEOPLE. Then you don't have to convince anyone. Just assign the blame to whichever country you want to occupy.

All I can say is wow.

I ran across this right after the Boston Marathon episode.

Interesting, its a homegrown threat. Did you see that one coming too? ;)

Just open the box and see

Good rule of thumb: Do not be

Good rule of thumb: Do not be fearful. Beware of those who use fear.

Interesting article

"the more challenged our views are, the more we defend them…the more dogmatic and closed-minded we become."

In my experience, the first part of the above statement is usually true and the second part is false (in most cases). You know that cliche about "planting seeds" in people's minds? Days or weeks or months or even years after a heated discussion, sometimes people (including me) come to realize that they were wrong. It just takes a while to sink in or to be ready to accept some disturbing factual info.

I've been pondering this...

I'm not sure the percent of people willing to change when they are given facts. I'm guessing most will stick with their tribe over reality.

For example, I was raised mormon. Over 90% of them that vote will go for Romney, despite his disrespect for the Constitution they supposedly hold in high regard.

This includes all my family. Last weekend my mom was pushing me to vote for Romney so we could get rid of Obama. I asked her how much Romney would cut spending and she said she didn't know, but I could find out. Blind adherence to the tribes of religion, and political parties.

My dad also mentioned he was disgusted with the university my daughters attend because it has so many democrats who expect government to provide free education. I then reminded him that Bush doubled the department of education. Silence. But within a few minutes he was back to Obama bashing over every little thing.

Many people like my mom are simply intellectually incapable of understanding the issues, and have to depend on their tribe leaders to guide them. Others are simply afraid to leave their group.

Regardless, our duty is to just offer information, and those that can will eventually listen, as you say. I've written up a few page handout of some basic paulian points here, which in just a few weeks has already opened some eyes.

I was baptized in the Mormon church

about a year and a half ago. Mormons are the sweetest, most helpful and giving people I've ever known. But they tend not to be independent thinkers at all (in my experience, anyway). They seem to look to the church to decide what their opinions should be on almost everything...it kind of creeps me out. I've tried talking about Ron Paul to many of them, and they are not interested at all...it's just Romney all the way! I think if Romney weren't a Mormon, many of our dear LDS friends & family would've supported RP all the way. Especially if RP was a Mormon ;-)

It took me two years...

And I left that church. Missionaries never told me I was to become God and have Spirit Babies. As well as, the Garden Of Eden was in Missouri and other creepy things. They may be nice but in my opinion they are lost. It was definitely not the Church Of Jesus as it proclaims. Thank God He woke me up. I will pray the same for you.

Thank you

That's very nice of you :-) Honestly, I don't think a religion exists that doesn't promote their own special crazy ideas. I'm with you on the spirit babies and Missouri garden of eden (I'm also having a hard time buying the Joseph Smith story). But I love the people in the church and it's good to have some kind of spiritual ties. I feel like a bit of a fraud though...if you don't believe the JS story, you can't really believe in the book of mormon either. Maybe it's time for me to start searching for a different church. Wow, your prayer worked fast! lol