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Ron Paul cured my apathy in 2007, I am now apathetic again

I have started to watch football games. I have an account with netfilx, and I have started to watch a ton of movies and shows.

I have not watched too bad of shows, Jericho, and also good movies that can help me.

Have you all felt the same way?

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Experiencing the total lack of moral authority of R&D parties

first hand did bring us (in our household) closer to the Self-Determination movement as described by Thomas H Naylor in his October 3, 2012 LRC article ("Radical Small Nation Self-Determination in a Chaotic Meganation World"): http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig13/naylor3.1.1.html

He lists four personal steps of transformation towards the Self-Determiination movement, which is definitely a part of a larger liberty movement.
1. Denunciation (Our sense of futility and the desire to regress to apathy demonstrate that we have already graduated this step, thanks to the cheating rnc.)
2. Disengagement (We are ready to sever all emotional ties to the rnc, placing us well beyond this stage as well.)
3. Demystification (Seeking self-determination "is neither a legal issue nor a constitutional issue, but rather a matter of political will".)
4. Defiance (Nonviolent, radical act of rebellion: civil disobedience.)

So, the choice is between "simple living movement" and this for us :-)

I was apathetic before because, when I spoke with the

average Amerikan, I felt I was alone after hearing their tripe. I felt that every politician was the same.

When I heard Dr.Paul for the first time and then checked his record, then found sites like this one. I knew I wasn't alone anymore. I can understand getting depressed over this and that occasionally but never apathy again.

If you're a true believer in the things that are said here and you know you're not alone anymore, how could you go back to living as if nothing is happening.

I'm an instant gratification kind of guy when it comes to my Liberty but even I'm willing to see where all of this goes for the time being.

I will never go back to "sleep" though because that would mean they would win. I'm not going to let them win no matter the cost to me.

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I have to admit, I have been

I have to admit, I have been watching the Texans play more since we aren't dumpster trash like we have been since 2001.

Southern Agrarian

Don't mistake apathy for the human need

to temporarily compartmentalize things that become overwhelming. You'll get your groove back, Stella.

Mr. Frank has fallen off the "wagon"

I will make an analogy to get my thoughts across here:
Back in 2007 when many of us were addicts of "the system", we discovered the message of Liberty and the correct role of Government through the teachings of Ron Paul. We each started down the path of enlightenment by getting in "rehab", each in our own way. Some of us watched YouTube, some of us read books. However we did it, we all attended a sort-of "AA" with Ron Paul as our mentor.
As is often the case, people who detox can get happy, angry, violent, insolent...or any of a miriad of reactions to a new outlook on life.
I suggest that Brian Frank has merely "fallen off the wagon" and just needs some re-inforcement to get back onto the right path. He feels as though all his hard work has been in vain and that the powers that be have steam-rollered over our movement. As long as you have NetFlix, perhaps you should watch "V: for Vendetta" again...to see how the sleeping sheep finally "get it" and how V never gave up for his cause.
I, for one, still wake up angry and go to bed angry...angry at our system. Angry at the idiot TV-watching public who fall for the ploy.
Thanks to Ron Paul's message, YouTube and all of you here on DailyPaul I have a much-better education on our Constitution, the role of Government and personal Liberties. I will NEVER stop spreading the word. I will not retire to the sofa and stay quiet. I will not shut-up. I will not go away. Perhaps, one day, enough people will feel the way I do and this message of hope will reach enough ears and brains that Amerika will become America again. That's all I want.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

How 'bout 130 million voters vote, only 100 million for O&R?

I think we can still make a positive difference by working to deny the duopoly legitimacy. If a quarter of voters cast ballots for other races and either vote for non-Demolican presidential candidates or just don't vote in that race at all, it would send a healthful message.

I'm promoting the idea of pairing disaffected Dems and recalcitrant Reps who would otherwise hold their noses and vote for R or O, and having them pledge to each other they'll use their votes to follow their consciences instead. They would ordinarily cancel out each other's vote, but instead they cancel the major candidates and use their votes constructively. Most importantly, they don't give the appearance of supporting the status quo. See VoteBuddy.com.

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No, I don't feel apathetic at all. I think we're just in a

transitional period between the campaign and the Good Doctor taking the helm at Campaign for Liberty again, when he will be directing us again in many activities, I'm sure.


That is interesting, Debbie,

That is interesting, Debbie, as the message I am getting from Dr. Paul is that he wants us to act on our own, in our own way. For me, it's like he is saying, now you understand the problem, go find your niche where you can do the most good and go do it. For me, he is saying he trust me to be self motivated. And I like that message, that message of faith in me/us to continue the fight for Liberty.


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Form a society

Of like-minded individuals in your area. Meet once a week or so.

Your apathy will be cured with fresh ideas and face to face discussions. And who knows where it may lead?

Liberty is a cause best shared among many.

i've felt much the same way.

But I think that our goal long-term should be continual resistance to the globalist agenda. This means continue to educate people. I'll tell you what, I see many people I know finally hit reality that voting seems completely pointless, when they were hopeful in 2008 w/ Obama. Educating the masses on the economy, foreign policy and media-government collusion is the key. Sooner or later, even democrats and moderate statists feel the unease as nothing is working. It's like a huge crack in the public consciousness that is continuing to grow, many will acknowledge the crack now, and some will have to start falling into the crack to acknowledge it exists. Either way, the government is not making any friends or supporters these days.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Hey..I have Netflix as well. But that does not mean I am an....

apathetic fool, away from Liberty.

The mere fact that I am active on DP as an RP Republican voting Third Party (as always) and not kowtowing in line to the Establishment GOP lapdog Mittens proves that.

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Maybe I'm wrong,

Maybe I'm wrong, but what you call "apathy again" might just be that you needed to relax.

Even if we secretly wished it wouldn't be so, the last infamy from the GOP has indeed set itself to an all times record.

Those traitors to their own country, who were lucky enough that Ron Paul even bothers looking down to the lowest of the lows where they've always enjoyed crawling as a gang of tainted political beings ... didn't even notice how blessed they were to have him around ... still. So, they "won" the way they do best : lying, cheating and lying. Then cheating, lying, and cheating. Loop and repeat.

Keep resting your mind a bit for now, if you need. Our return for, and with Liberty will be even stronger once you're back.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I would say

saddle up, it will be a hard road ahead!

Not so much apathy as

Not so much apathy as resignation.

I know a bunch of folks here are hyped about GJ or this or that congressional, state or local liberty candidate, and that's great, but as far as the short term prospects I'm resigned to the fact that not much if anything is likely to change for the better. We'll either have emperor O or emperor Willard and either will be horrid.

My usual defense mechanism after resigning from hope is to slip into the mindset of viewing politics as a sideshow. I'd rather just tune out completely but we do have to watch them since their actions affect our livelihoods.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I See

where you are coming from. I haven't had a lot of hope ever since Rand came out on Hannity and endorsed the rat Romney. I have tried hard to keep up the faith because to not do so is to play into the hands of the enemy. I STILL won't give up for that very reason. Apathy and watching moronic crap on tv is what they want. I REFUSE to give in to that shit! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again! ON YOUR FEET SOLDIER! Jericho is good but don't watch too much msm entertainment. Stick to us and the net!



That doesn't sound like a cure to me, sounds like you relapsed.
Funny thing is our bodies provide the real cures, so Ron Paul may be the doctor providing supplements for your body, but the real cure is going to come from you, yourself.
Make the choice where you want to go.

No you're doing fine.

No you're doing fine. Election season is over, just continue educating friends and family till next time.

Ventura 2012

that's good advice-try Tom Woods Liberty Classroom if

you've got the $99

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Think silver too

yes and no

read and listen rothbard, hazlitt, mises, hayke etal over at mises.org
that will cure your apathy
ITs not all about ron paul

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Ron Paul 2016. Its Never Too Late!

He is in excellent health and I don't think he was joking on the Tonight Show. Keeping my fingers crossed. All twelve of them!

Are you an alien?

Are you an alien?

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Double thumbs?

=P LoL your comment made me burst out in laughter. ty4t

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I know that feel.

I know that feel.