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What my son's school is teaching this week. Unbelievable...


At Jeffers Elementary:
to value yourself, others,
and the world around you.

Parents: Our life skill for October is RESPECT.

We will be learning about friendship and
RESPECTFUL ways to treat others in
health/personal wellness lessons this month. In the
classrooms, students are talking about different
ways that they show respect:

Honoring another’s opinion, belief, or needs.
Being considerate and polite.
Taking care of the environment.
Taking care of personal or public


Obeying people in positions of authority.

I am so sick of this. My son is in Kindergarten and this is what I have to deal with. Before he began his first year, I resigned myself to the station of dealing with this kind of thing. My advice is to stay on top of your children's education.

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learning to APPEAR respectful is a great skill to have

but make sure to teach your kid that you don't obey anyone in authority who is telling them to do something that is wrong. if that lesson was ingrained into our kids we'd have a lot less and shorter wars.

We performed a D.A.R.E musical in elementary school

Complete with choreography and everything. Here's a sample of it. (Although this is really tame compared to the one I did 15 years ago)


goebbels would be proud of the little Hitlerjugend

no wonder the kids aren't learning anything. looks like they spent untold hours learning how to sing and dance in support of the police state while regurgitating antiquated prohibitionist propaganda. propaganda that is being used to cage millions and enslave millions more.

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DARE, Scary

I went through no DARE drama, but experienced a little of that program. What my indoctrination center had was a speaker or two talk about his drug ravaged life, a warning to stay away from drugs. I remember thinking, Really, I need a story to prevent me from considering drugs? Just hearing about them and to say no to them was enough for me to say no to them, not that I had to worry about them. (What 6th grader has to?) There was no Say No to Drugs extravaganza at my school. Now that I recollect that memory, I think school programs are where I heard about drugs first. I wouldn't be surprised if many of these kids grow up to be drug users, particularly if drugs are legalized because with legalization will be tremendous advertising. Public education is mind sapping, worse than a waste of time.

PS. Notice I said "if" drugs are bad. Yes, they're bad, lol, and I have stayed away from them.

PSS. I think drug decriminalization instead of legalization should be the goal, however. It takes a little time to go into why, but if you want to know why I favor the former to the latter, ask me.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

I thank you all for your thoughtful comments

I just may copy this post and commentary and provide it to the school board this month. I believe everyone has something to learn, always :)

I don't find it inappropriate GIVEN

the age of the children. Well, I do take issue with using the phrase "positions of authority" with kindergarteners! In fact, I take issue with the whole lesson plan - the idea of directly "teaching" kindergarteners ABOUT such qualities as respect, friendship, consideration for others, etc., when at that stage such things are more appropriately taught indirectly, i.e., imbued WITHIN the curriculum and teaching methods (and as modeled by adults). What I don't have a problem with, given that this concerns K-6 children, is the concept of children knowing they need to obey their parents and teachers. It's actually progressive teachers/psychologists (same thing) who turned "authority figure" into a dirty word. A teacher and kindergarten/elementary school children are not peers; nor a parent and child. Children derive a sense of security in being able to trust their parents and teachers. The onus is on parents to ensure that those adults they entrust the care and education of their children to are trustworthy. (There are certainly ways in which, without causing a younger child alarm or to even realize it, a parent can elicit what a teacher's behavior is like. And without regard to anyone in particular, parents can also teach children about boundaries where privacy is concerned.) That's from the more important perspective. From a practical standpoint, parents are free to homeschool their children if they wish (or within their own homes, regardless, choose to let their young children set the rules or have none); but it is not rational to expect one teacher to be in charge of 20-30 students who do NOT have respect for what they say. P.S. For younger children to be taught to obey their parents and teachers does not mean they'll grow up to become slaves to whatever anyone tells them to do. Children mature and themselves understand that different things are appropriate at different age levels and in different circumstances.

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Pretty standard level propaganda

This is not uncommon for kindergarten, but is sickening nonetheless. You should make sure to teach your son to not obey authority just because it is authority, but to only do so if there is a valid reason (you don't want to simply teach disobedience to a young child, that will backfire on you. You should teach rational disobedience).

This looks like a great opportunity...

This looks like a great opportunity to provide a little side home schooling to counter the last part. Most people are taught to think inside of the box or not to think at all and obey. My motto is "In my world there is no box" and also "The sky is not the limit because there are foot prints on the moon".


I feel for you...

we only lasted 2 years in public schools before I got fed up and started homeschooling.
I would like to add that all those "life lessons" they are shoving into your children have corporate sponsors attached and are laden with advertising.

For a long time..

schools have taught children to be sheep. Schools often teach compliance; as well as limited critical thinking and creativity. They are always teaching to think inside the box, don't do anything that is outside of the norm, and do whatever someone in authority says, even if you think it is wrong. I agree that this is a major problem, and part of why people accept the lesser of two evils and government takeover. Many students even get in trouble for speaking out against the teacher, even if the teacher is doing something completely wrong!

we are Americans.. I am my

we are Americans.. I am my own authority.

Pull them for the week,,,,

Pull them for the week,,,,

Obeying people in positions

Obeying people in positions of authority:

Yes. Throw away what little critical thinking or intuition skills you may have. Its very important that we train you now. This will make it easier for child molesters and the school system/city/state/etc to get you to vote for armed men to make you slave away for our income/tax dollars/etc.

These teachers are probably mostly interested in using the children as pawns to go home and tell their parents/community to support and vote for more school bond/tax/etc measures. Whats better than having large groups of cute innocent children campaign for your pay raise/retirement/benefits/etc? Vote for the tax or you hate the children.

Children can figure things out ...

... *IF* they are allowed to.

I remember I was 7 years old when I first started questioning authority, asking questions, and basically telling adults they were wrong if they couldn't give me real answers.

Ironically, it was the lie of Santa Claus that made me realize things are not always what they appear to be.

Let kids know there is another way of looking at things, let them compare and contrast, and they can figure it out. The problem is that most adults have bought into lies, and their kids have no other viewpoint, and that's how indoctrination sets in.

Don't forget to ask

So, Should we had obeyed King George during the Revolutionary years?

This maes me want to ask

This post makes me want to ask "Is there a Catholic Church in the neighborhood"?
Catholic Priests ought to love this kind of secular school.

Or synagogs? The people

Or synagogs? The people there are just as much, if not more prolific. Funny how they are never mentioned.

you should tell the teacher

"Hey I have an amendment to that last line. How about we change it to "People in positions of authority will obey the will of the people and the laws of this nation. And that is something my child can respect"

So as a parent, it is

So as a parent, it is important that you discuss with your child with how important it is to question authority when that authority is wrong. You can turn this into a win, and teach your child to think for themselves. I am the mother of three free-thinking sons, because I taught them stop and think about the assumptions (common knowledge) that they were being taught to accept. They now see it (the matrix) immediately.

By knowing our enemies tactics we can point them out to our children and expose it for what it is. I know that he or she is young and you wish she could stay innocent and trusting longer, but they are already latching onto your child's mind, it is the very reasons public schools exist, so you must be the counter to this attack on your child's mind. Kindergarten is the beginning of the struggle to wrest control from you, the parent. You will be fighting for a long time.

Realize that teachers do not mean to indoctrinate, it's not meant to be evil, but they promote the same indoctrination they were taught, and this is why we must all learn to question the assumptions and 'common knowledge' we were taught so as not to pass this on to the next generation.

Yes, this is an opportunity, you have the advantage, you SEE the problem, most other parents do not.

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I'm sorry...

to tell you this, but it's been this way since I was in elementary school. I remember in around 93 I was in 2nd grade and we were all given this stupid newspaper thing with Hillary Clinton on the cover and the teacher was talking about education Blah blah, tell your parents to support, blah blah... then somehow the discussion went to global warming and that in 10 years the world would be out of oil because we're greedy.
Even at that young age I was completely turned off and thought it was stupid. I just sat there drawing facial hair on good old Hillary with devil horns and blacking out teeth.

As far as I can tell it's way past 2003 and the world still has not ran out of oil... The amazing facts you learn at public school :/

The funny thing is, I always got terrible grades in public school but somehow once I made it to college and took classes that actually required critical thinking I got straight A's and graduated Cum Laude.

Now how does that work??? How can you be called stupid (which I was by teachers) in public school, then in college get the highest grades in your classes with profs telling you you're an excellent student.

Was I stupid or was it my teachers????? Hummmm....

Me thinks

Your teachers were not to bright, either way I was nearly the same as you.
Didn't amount to crap in High school, always got the "your kid has potential but fails to apply themselves" note... Hated the "Busywork" that they called "Homework", so I did the barest minimum I could get away with and still pass.
Then in College, nearly a 4.0 gpa vs the nearly failing scorse in Highschool.
I did opt out of some more homework again or I would have done better :P
Though in College, homework seemed more purposeful so I usually did what was assigned.

I am 42 yrs old

and it was that way when I went to school. No wounder people are stupid because they had at least 12 yrs of government brain washing if the have a high school diploma! If you have kids get them as fast as you can out of the public school system.

Grammer school primary

That is becuase grammer school and high schools' primary purpose is to teach you to O B E Y not to think

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

What do expect with State run indoctrination?

What the State gives, the State controls. If they fund schools then expect them to dictate what you learn. Their goal is good citizens. You think you can stay on top of it while they indoctrinate your children 8 hours a day. No way. You have to do it yourself; private or home school. Period.

No Rome, not True!

I disagree...I have three sons that prove you are wrong and that you can fight back. It all depends upon the parent's level of awareness and involvement from the git go.

Knowing your children are attending a indoctrination center is half the battle. I have two grown sons and a 15 yr old tenth grader. My oldest sons got through, and the 15 yr old is getting though, with his mind unscathed by the propaganda, as we have daily discussions over what he "learned that day". Virturally every day I counter with logic and would point out the inequities and the frequently baseless assumptions of what is being taught. He has learned to enjoy the discussions as it often runs counter to what is being taught, and that excites him and kinda blows his mind that teachers are not all knowing. It also opened his mind and taught them to 'Think For Himself' and question authority.

I also assign books to my son thar run counter to what the teacher is promoting when necessary. For example, last year, my son's history teacher was a real lover of Henry Kissinger. It was HK sez this and HK sez that and he was shoving the NWO agenda down his students throats. I countered with assigning my son Bastiat's "The Law" and my 15 year old was able to share these ideas in class. Now that threw the teacher a real curve ball becuase my son is very capable at debating ideas. (I wonder why!)It made for a very interesting classroom for all. My son and I would laugh together and plan how to counter this teacher's next collectivist lesson. It was actually fun and my son learned so much and became very involed, not apathetic. He got a B+ not and A when he should have, but in reality he got so much more from the class then any of the A+ students.

In the course of the battle with the school authority, in our lives, another added bonus is that it has brought me closer to my sons as they realize I CARE enough to fight for their minds to be free. So, it can be done if a parent is motivated to actively participate in the education of their child.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

What Rome said is true and so are you...

We all deal with this issue in our own way. I commend you on staying engaged with you kids, it sounds as though you have done an excellent job! But home school and or choosing a private scoop option is not the wrong way, just another way of taking control of your children's education and bucking the status quo. Home school is an awesome option.... For those just trying to give their kids a decent education, without all the BS and having to counter everything they are taught. It goes beyond the propaganda though, the other issue is that they are treating these kids like prisoners in my opinion... I learned that through my own personal experience, and was reminded recently while watching a documentary recently called " the war on kids" .... Scary stuff. Anyway the point is, what you are doing is a great option.... But so is home school etc... We're all on the same side, just different coping tactics!

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

I was not attacking Home Schooling!

"But home school and or choosing a private scoop option is not the wrong way, just another way of taking control of your children's education and bucking the status quo."

I did not say that private and homeschooling was was the wrong way, and apologize if I infered that. Those methods are highly preferable, but not always an option, especially if you are a working, single parent. I was responding to the doom and gloom absolutism of Rome stating that there was no hope in public education. There is if you get involved!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Well, its all good right up

Well, its all good right up until the last point. However, like the post below points out, that is what school is for. I can tell you though that not all the teachers are "in" on this so to say, but their are plenty of petty tyrants lurking about.

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home school

is where it's at!

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I promise

You will never, never regret homeschooling, never. Been homeschooling 11+ years and my 14yo old son can be heard saying (quite often) "Oh, where did you get that information? Do you really think that is a logical conclusion? Or are you basing that emotionally?" He's not prideful about it nor does he condecend. He is just very awake for a 14yo and has enough confidence to pursue it. Public school CANNOT deliver this, the very basis of public school is to create a huge clone army. Love your children enough to give them all you have. I agree with the "you owe your child a debt" It is not as $$ as people think, and the relationship you build is priceless. Think about it. I highly encourage it, like you said "Stay on top of your children's education."