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What my son's school is teaching this week. Unbelievable...


At Jeffers Elementary:
to value yourself, others,
and the world around you.

Parents: Our life skill for October is RESPECT.

We will be learning about friendship and
RESPECTFUL ways to treat others in
health/personal wellness lessons this month. In the
classrooms, students are talking about different
ways that they show respect:

Honoring another’s opinion, belief, or needs.
Being considerate and polite.
Taking care of the environment.
Taking care of personal or public


Obeying people in positions of authority.

I am so sick of this. My son is in Kindergarten and this is what I have to deal with. Before he began his first year, I resigned myself to the station of dealing with this kind of thing. My advice is to stay on top of your children's education.

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x 1000

x 1000

That's kind of the point of public schools

Not sure if you were expecting something else?

Their main purpose is to churn out "model citizens", compliant cogs in the gears of society. They're going to teach your child state approved value systems whether you like it or not. So if that doesnt sit right with you, which naturally it shouldnt, you have other options. You have the choice to home school, private school, or do your best to deprogram and instill your own values in your child throughout their public schooling. Of course you can always try to confront and change the school and the system. Build coalitions with like minded parents. If you have the guts and determination to do so you may be succesful. But until you do that you should probably expect the school to continue to indoctrinate like this. Sucks but it is what it is. Until you change it of course.

Nothing wrong with that list

Nothing wrong with that list except respect is earned it does not come with a title of authority! And that is where society has gone wrong raising generations to automatically respect someone just because of their position, title, badge, office, or uniform etc.

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It's because

This is happening because women have cornered the market at the elementary level. Too many schools and school districts are very reluctant to hire a man to teach there. If you see a man (with any amount of grey in his hair) teaching at the elementary level its because he was once a former principal, his wife works at the district office, or he is from the "right" family in the community, goes to the right church (where the superintendent goes). Nepotism on another level.
That is why this is being taught, some woman, the principal or a group of women sat around and decided this would be a great idea, theme, or something.
WOW, we really out did ourselves coming up with this and they all pat each other on the back (verbally) when they come up with this stuff.
I'd rather teachers discussed "discipline" at all levels, and NOT THE PBS STUFF shoved in some schools.
They say "What's insanity?...doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, This is their reasoning for buying into the PBS crap...What's insanity? Doing something you know good an well is NOT going to work (PBS) Positive Behavior Strategies, and expecting it to work. PBS can work in a very small environment such as a family setting, but not when you have a thousand kids...too many trouble makers.

Two debts

When you bring a child into the world, you assume two debts:

The first debt is to your child. You have done him the injury of bringing him helpless and defenseless into a world of which he is ignorant and with which he does not know how to deal. To pay this debt, you owe him the knowledge of the world he will need to make his own way in it. Teaching him to "do what you're told" doesn't cut it.

Your second debt is to the people of the world into which you have brought your child: you owe them the courtesy of not releasing a vicious, violent animal among them. To pay this debt, you must give your child a moral compass, teaching him the right and wrong ways to deal with others. Teach him to use means which benefit both himself and others -- by trade and by love, never by theft or the initiation of force. A parent who teaches his child to get the things he wants by theft and assault and murder might as well be raising rattlesnakes and turning them loose around town.

Naming the theft "taxes," the assault "law enforcement," and the murder "war" does not obviate the sheer evil of such teaching.

So you have a problem: the government schools have already declared their intention of training your child to obey "authority" rather than teaching him to do what he believes is right and good. If you are okay with that, let him finish the year in kindergarten, and twelve more of the same. On the other hand -- homeschooling, unschooling and private schooling might turn the little brat into a worthwhile human being. Government schooling will cripple his brain for life.

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I was taught to...

question authority, yet be respectful of my elders...The music, of generations past, also taught this...It is almost nowhere to be found in modern society...Actually quite the opposite is being crammed downed the entire country's, if not the worlds, throat...There was once a time a man could speak his mind about anything or anyone without being abashed with resistance...IE: PC this or PC that...Makes me sick...And it is worse in Canada than in the states...Ughh....I just want my country back...I am ready to start to rebuild from the ground up...We just need to get the USA back to its rightful owners....We The People...
Good on you for catching this and I hope you are able to stand up and say something to these...Ministry of Truth types...Good Luck

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
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