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Romney Attack Ad Stars Man Who Got Millions from Govt


--Mitt Romney's "you didn't build that" attack ad actually starred a man who's business received millions in government money.

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So in the end this

So in the end this commentator does the usual... because government does X, Y, and Z then someone didn't build his business 100%. What they don't mention is that government took a monopoly in those areas. Thus if a person wants to do business he has to obey and pay government. It's like 19th century monopolist robber baron meets mafia. It's not like the government is going to allow someone to build at competing privately owned port or anything like that.

I also never see this line of argument applied to the big corporations. The ones whom wars are fought for. The ones who really get government help. The ones that may end up paying zero in taxes year after year. Billions in foreign policy and military costs, zero in taxes. Then again to point that out people might figure out the scam. See the racket (intended choice of word).

Vote Down!!!!

Vote Down this piece of crap video!!!

Yeah sure,I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion!.....In his own house, at his own rally, on his own facebook page, on his own freaking website, the Daily Paul is devoted to freedom and liberty minded articles, subject matter, and videos, not promoting garbage such as this!

I personally hate the fact that I even clicked on or watched this piece of crap (and wouldn't have if it wasn't on the daily paul), and thus added to the "Viewed" totals on this idiots youtube page, thereby using the membership of the daily paulers to add his hit counter, and give credibility and creedence, to pure propagandice garbage.

Don't sale yourself short Daily Paulers, Your numbers are huge, and they're growing daily! And when we pay homage to someones video, and then we inturn share them on our facebook pages, for others to share, with the numbers we create, we have the ability to cause someones online presence and credibility to go through the roof, just ask Ben Swann, he'll give you a "Reality Check" the world is not soon to forget!.....NOT NOW, NOT SINCE HE WAS DISCOVERED BY THE DAILY PAUL CROWD!

STOP GIVING CREDIBILITY TO IDIOTS, AND STOP POSTING GARBAGE LIKE THIS ON THE DAILY PAUL!!! We need to start paying more attention to the vote counts on here too!

Socialist proves

both presidential candidates are socialists, so what's his beef with Romney?

stupid @$$

OK, this dumb @$$ kid is totally in the bag for Obama. From this short video I would have to say he leans socialist. Why is this turd on the DP? Is he a secret agent of Liberty??? I doubt it.

Live Free or Die Trying

Something is up with this

Something is up with this video, I don't trust it.

The videos he played are out of contest. He is clearly trying to spin it.

Voted down (my second of the day)

The analysis of this video is crap, falling right in sync with the left-right paradigm.

Mirand Sharma

Yeah F*** David Packman

Yeah F*** David Packman

Are any companies that don't get

government money in some form?

locally, they give tax breaks to relocate a business
states give breaks too
and the feds are everywhere

so really show me a company that doesn't get a break

Are any companies that don't get

government money in some form?

locally, they give tax breaks to relocate a business
states give breaks too
and the feds are everywhere

so really show me a company that doesn't get a break

Are any companies that don't get

government money in some form?

locally, they give tax breaks to relocate a business
states give breaks too
and the feds are everywhere

so really show me a company that doesn't get a break

There is SO much wrong with the commentators in this video

I wouldn't cry a tear if they both choked on the same mic.

I mean, for starters....the people who buy gas end up paying for the roads. The government just spends the money to fix the roads....and boy, they are doing SUCH a good job at that.

Second, if Government had less laws or restrictions then every business owner would have an easier time starting up a new business "with their own hands".

I could go on but nothing will right this wrong unless of course they did choke on a mic.

you got it

this is free speech.. but the true and truth residies in all of us... follow your gut on this !

gary gettis

Scum discussing scum.

Scum discussing scum.

The govt doesn't pay

for the roads, gas buyers do through the gas tax. And contract law is common-law, not de-facto. Everything the govt purports to do is by the use of their pillaging and plunder. Sure this guy may have gotten stolen money from the govt (redistribution of wealth) but that does not make it okay. Also, where is the proof this guy got Millions?

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Can we PLEASE have someone

Can we PLEASE have someone with half a brain filter out these shitty posts before they hit the front page.

It's OBVIOUS that this video has nothing to do with the liberty movement and the host is an obama shill.

...and it's OBVIOUS...

that only a Romney shill would find offense.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Without picking apart...

the deceptive commenter on a deceptive Presidential republican...

PLEASE, people... STAY PURE!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT accept ANYTHING that has ANY government and/or COMPULSORY collectivism attached to it (I, myself, have rejected federally-managed, partially federally-funded "unemployment" and instead used MY OWN savings in rough times).

Once you cease to be pure, truthful... take STOLEN FEDERAL MONEY... THEY GOT YOU! Just like the video above illustrates!!!!!!!


Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

congratulations on

reducing your government footprint

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

My God!

The stoopid comments!
The Federal Government is a whore house - Don't you get it.

The reason the Federal government continues to grow and be more intrusive is because it's more efficient and streamlined for corporations to buy one target group of politicians in DC instead of schlepping all over America buying thousands of state and local politicians.

We don't need the Federal government AT ALL in it's present form. It's just a clearing house for theft of taxpayer and Federal Reserve funny money dollars.

Spending doesn't equal productivity.

And this guy in the video is a hypocrite at best. He's bitching about socialist rhetoric while he participates in the Soviet style of enterprise!
Not my opinion... It's a fact of history.

Why should we in the Daily

Why should we in the Daily Paul care about that? Why are you defending the Obama argument that nobody can be wealthy on his own? We all know that this is false... Government can't create anything without taking away from productive ends, and in most cases they don't create, they just waste.

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin

this guy built it

Yes of course the government is so enmeshed in every level of our life, that the guy has to try to get a little bit of his tax money back from the government in order to compete. Unfortunately that's the case for all businesses.

Since government is a corporation

Many people are making money from the government in contracts and grants. So how is this news?


The host commentator makes a horrible argument.

Yes the government made roads, laws etc - but not of the request of the company nor does it mean anyone else could have made the roads other than government.

Yes people that make companies did make that, government just happened to be there. They would have still wanted to make a company if government was there or not - that is the nature of man, to build things and a company is just a protocol to make a system to create something that he has used his mind to create. If there was NO government he would still want to build something.

The Romney ad of course is hypocritical by fact and not opinion but this video above is frankly just defending Obama.

This video should be voted down.

No Joke...

aaHaa...the scrawny young presstitute fails. The ad fails.

Voting the post down, not for posting (great post), but for lack of evidence of free press (none)and a stupid ad that only demonstrates crony capitalism...for trying to take it seriously as intended but can't stop laughing...

LOL Presstitution and Crony Capitalism, together, at work for your hard earned, worthless tax FRN's.

What a crock

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina