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A Real Victory: Cop gets five years for kicking in the door when he didn't have a warrant

A St. Charles County sheriff's deputy was sentenced Friday to five years in prison for breaking the law while he and other officers were at a Middletown, Mo., home to apprehend a wanted meth cook.

In August, a jury found Christopher E. Hunt, 38, guilty of felony burglary and misdemeanor assault and property damage after a three-day trial that pitted police officer against police officer. (Thanks wrh.com)

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Have people had enough? It's a start, fan the flames of freedom my friends.

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The story mentions

That he also beat the unresisting intoxicated guy inside. The other three cops are being tried as well for filing a false report. So basically they show up and try to do a warrantless search, but the occupant is too intoxicated to say yes, so he gets frustrated, kicks in the door, and beats the guy. Then the other three cops collude with him to cover it up. He deserves every bit of five years in prison as do the other cops. I feel bad for his family and wife, but clearly he wasn;t thinking about them when he beat a helpless homeowner. BTW, I grew up 15 miles from middletown (that's the zip code on my parents address) small world eh?

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Who else agrees?

That the STL Police will respect warrants a little bit more seriously now an example has been made.

"Oh crap, we DO have to follow the law!"

The problem is in command,

I can not believe the Sheriff wanted to post the full bond and actually posted half of it.

"Hunt was sentenced Friday

"Hunt was sentenced Friday and is free on bond while he appeals." It's not over yet! He may get his job back with back pay.

Is this normal - to be released after sentencing for a violent

crime? My guess is he'll never see the inside of a jail.

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too bad that two bit tyrant didn't get the death penalty

from the homeowner. that would have been justice or at least instant karma.

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5 years for kicking down a

5 years for kicking down a door? That seems a bit extreme. I would've been satisfied with 60 days. What about the cops tazering old people with pacemakers and children or the ones murdering homeless people who get 2 weeks paid holiday while the farce investigation is performed? These are the people that need to be 5 years to life in prison.


Im sorry, but Americans expect more from our police and there should be MANDATORY sentences for authority crimes, just like other groups have minimum/mandatory sentences provided for under law. "GVT wrong doing" sentences should be MORE then the avg minimum.
Not ONE innocent American should have to suffer at the hands of gvt and when gvt messes up, gvt should pay the fair price, including this cop. 5 yrs is certainly fair considering he will be out in 2 years with good behavior.
Cops committing crimes is MUCH worse then the avg citizen doing it and can not be tolerated.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

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Meth cook

I don't think we should lose sight of the meth cook. It is not exactly a noble profession.

So what?

Some people think a profession where you make and sell a product to a voluntarily willing buyer is far more 'noble' than a profession where you force individuals, under threat of violence, to pay your paycheck.

Unlike police service I've never been forced to buy meth.

Meth cook ranks high

On worst people to walk the Earth. It is a terrible drug, and ruins people's lives. To prey on the weak of mind, or lost in spirit.

And when you are in danger, or have some emergency, who do you call? The meth busters, aka the police.

I'm not saying I advocate the abuse of police power, because it is wicked itself, but if he was indeed a meth cook, then he got what was coming.

I don't think you know what you're talking about.

I know people that smoke meth everyday that live productive lives. They have 9-5 type jobs and you'd never know they smoke meth unless you knew them outside of work.

There are many drugs that can ruin peoples lives... so what? I guarantee more peoples lives are ruined by legal drugs and police than from meth or any so-called illegal drug.

But actually I don't really care about people ruining their own lives. If someone hurts themselves by taking drugs it doesn't affect my life liberty or property one bit. Unlike you I believe people own themselves and their bodies to do with whatever they like. If they make mistakes, too bad, they got to live with it.

Of course you advocate abuse of police power! You want police to harm individuals that harmed no one.

In my 40 years on this planet I have never wanted or needed the police around. Police are pretty much useless taxfeeder criminals. They've done nothing but waste my time and money. Over 80% of arrests in this country are for individuals that have harmed no one.

I'd much rather meet a meth cook on the street than a cop. At least I would know that if the meth cook tries to harm me I can defend myself. But if a cop tries to harm me and I defend myself it's death or incarceration in my future. Unlike cops the meth cook would actually be held accountable for infringing upon an innocent individuals life liberty or property.

Should someone say

Alleged or has he been convicted? Nope he had plead guilty. ( two warrants — one for child endangerment and another for failing to show up for a sentencing after pleading guilty to meth charges.)

remember the caucus there?

local cops came and arrested the wrong people - wonder if he was one of them.

There should be a fresh look at all of his case files.

I Heard

That now anyone applying to become a cop has to take an IQ test and if they are very bright they are turned down. Wouldn't surprise me. Also heard that they do personality tests and try to hire people that are prone to be sadistic bullies. Not sure it's true. I know most of the cops in Dallas are real jerks though.


Sadistic bullies make up 90%

Sadistic bullies make up 90% of the applicants. Law enforcement is the only career where they can have the pleasure of beating people to death and get paid for it.

true that

a cop sued for discrimination when denied a police job because his iq was too high.

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here is a link to the



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Wow! That's the first...

...I have ever heard of this! It explains A LOT!

My experiance

15 years ago the cops began their purge of good cops . Offering early retirement for those that believed they were public servants.

Some days...

Some days there is a little piece of real justice. This made my day! If this were the norm and not an anomaly I would feel much safer and have far more respect for the police. The bullies,thugs and criminals that have a gun a badge would be in jail and the citizens would be much safer. I genuinely believe I have a better chance of defending myself from the criminals on the street than the criminals with badges and guns. I also believe I would have a better chance of getting justice in court.
Political correctness is responsible for the steady eroding of entrance standards. What we have left are police that have little or no accountability and are increasingly more dangerous to the public. I think the phrase "The New Blue Mafia" applies more and more each day. The politicians won't do anything about it because most are dirty and don't want to end up in jail.



Did he lose his job?



Don't drop the soap scumbag. Our boys behind bars really LOVE cops.

Great Thought!

Love it! Hahaha back!


And the cop wasn't even on

And the cop wasn't even on duty. He just showed up on his day off so he could beat the suspect. Just think about it. If you are a bully who enjoys beating people with your fists and with clubs, what kind of a career might you choose?

Telling statement

"But it appears that this defendant was intoxicated with the power of the badge," he said.

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