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Birth Certificate

“Dear Ms. R,

As I understand it, you gave birth to twin girls on July 30 & 31, 1985 at Mercy Medical Center of Redding, Ca. I also understand from the hospital staff that you did not desire to register the birth of your girls with them at this time. I’m writing to inform you of information you may be unaware of. According to State regulations, if you do not register your daughters’ birth within the first year of their delivery, they would then have to be registered on the delayed registration of birth form and the cost would be, this time, $15.00. Considering the fact that you delivered in a hospital and had a physician in attendance, this would probably be of no consequence or trouble for you now, but in later years this may be a problem for your daughters. I am sure you are aware of the utmost importance in having a birth certificate as soon as possible. In twenty years, the hospital records could have been destroyed and your physician may not be available to help you or your girls. Consider the fact that in order to be registered for school, apply for a marriage license, grants or scholarships in school, the State of California requires a certified copy of a birth certificate. The Federal government requires a certified copy of a birth certificate when applying for military service, passport, or social security card.

When you realize all the times they may need their certificate of birth, you may want to contact me and we’ll arrange to have them taken care of for you. Please contact me if you any questions in this matter.

Sincerely, Linda L. Allen

Deputy Registrar, Vital Statistics"

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This letter is laughable but

This letter is laughable but revealing. Thank you for posting jruss133.

Those of you who think all

Those of you who think all rights, citizenship, life itself etc. Has been doomed, gloomed because she did not get a birth certificate...think about this...all births, deaths, marriages etc. Used to be noted in the family bible..that's it!! Those people are still citizens...they lost nothing.. my grandmother born in,she thinks, 1932 still worked. Went to school and is even collecting her social security..life does go on..

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

So, worst comes to worst what

So, worst comes to worst what will they do? Imprison people? What "country" will they be kidnapped and sent to that they are not citizens of?

I'm originally from Redding.

Kinda funny. I even worked for Mercy Medical Center for a few years. So the girls are now 27 years old or so? What haven't they been able to do without it?

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


Why shouldn't we have a birth certificate?

Does it create a new class of citizen?

Ties Me to the Constitution

Doesn't My birth Certificate Tie Me to the constitution under my individual and state sovereignty.

Bingo! It sure does!!!


The Winds of Change!

Think Logically Not Emotionally

You need to tke care of this and get those pieces of paper for your kids. You are not doing anybody any good especially your children.

. Your kids were born in a US State and you need to do this one little thing now to protect them in the future.

. You cannot put your kids in future pain and anguish because their mother wanted some symbolic victory.

. You are taking away their future freedom under US and state constitutions because of some information someone else told you on some kook website. That kook is not the one who will pay a steep price, your kids will.

I don't need a piece of paper

I don't need a piece of paper to know someone is a living human being, just like no one needs a certificate of marriage as evidence that they love someone.

Your paint a patently false

You paint a patently false picture of the justifications for getting this "piece of paper". There are benefits to having a birth certificate, but they lie solely in bowing to the state, and absolutely nothing with regard to "protection" or laughably, preserving "freedom". Moroever, I would classify the pain and anguish that you so happily avoid as no less than a ethical self-sacrifice that should be applauded and emulated by those who appreciate individual liberty. To see you classify an ethical self-sacrifice as unwanted "pain and anguish" betrays a viewpoint with little regard or concern for individual liberty.

First - how does getting the paper provide any protection? It may make dealing with the bureaucracy smoother - but that is hardly a measure of protection.

Second - Future pain and anguish? Pure hyperbole. And your "symbolic victory" is nothing more than a value judgment - and has no moral weight vis-a-vis someone you have no personal knowledge of, no awareness of their circumstances, or no comprehension of their own values.

Third - "their future freedom under US and state constitutions" This is quite an outlandish statement. What freedom is being enforced today? The only freedom I see enforced under any constitution is the freedom of the government to take your property and control what you do with your life - a complete anathema to freedom. Every one of the bill of rights has been voraciously eroded in past decades, and yet people still perpetuate the falsehood that the government is here to protect your freedoms. Bologney - that is what the Declaration of Independence mandates - but that is NOT what is being enforced today. Quite the contrary.

The ONLY argument in support of getting a birth certificate is to make dealing with the bureaucracy smoother. Because the bureaucracy is ubiquitous throughout American life, that is no small measure, I readily concede. However, deluding yourself and others into believing that kow-towing to the government somehow delivers protection, avoids pain and anguish and God-forbid preserves freedom(!) is quite extreme and simply untrue.


What would be the point? To avoid US federal income tax? Or to be a "non-resident alien" to federal jurisdiction?

It doesn't work and it is dangerous.

I'm all for abolishing the IRS but you have to use effective strategies.

Sounds Like a Good Deal

So, they'll need the Birth Certificate for:

* Registering for school (to be trained to obey)
* Marriage license (marriage is not a government role)
* Scholarships (A BC is not required, I'm applying for them this term)
* Military service (to be trained to obey and support illegal, unjust wars)
* Passport (to have an RFID chip in a photo ID to track you)
* Social security (to pay into a ponzi scheme where you get back less than you put in - i.e. robbery)

Seems to me like these are reasons to NOT get the certificate. Especially when you look into matters you'll find that you don't need a BC for these things afterall.

Flip the Logic

Because I have a Birth certificate (which documents both parents) I can claim as a free US Citizen that I do not have to be forced into all those things.

. The Birth certificate trumps those other things so I want it.

write back and say

"Living without a birth certificate sure didn't seem to impede Obama any."

Maybe if you could find...

where the hospital keeps the birth records, you could burn it down! LOL Sure would be a shame if all your daughters records were lost forever! (wink-wink).

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

You are one courageous

You are one courageous individual to deny the state of California.

Southern Agrarian

It is NOT Courageous

Your "bravery" will only hurt you kids not you. You are denying your children their American Birthright.

robot999's picture


no Slavery. Funny, begging her to enslave her own daughters... wow.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa