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Priebus: Gary Johnson a 'non-factor'

Well, that just solidified my vote.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said on Sunday that libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson was "almost a non-factor" in the GOP's state-by-state electoral calculations.

Asked by CNN's Candy Crowley on "State of the Union" if he was worried about Johnson drawing votes from Republican Mitt Romney on Nov. 6, Priebus was dismissive.

"No, it doesn't worry me," he said.

"People understand that they're not going to throw their vote away when we have an election year that's about the future of America," he added.

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I'm not throwing my vote away PEEbus!!!
I'm throwing it right at you!! By not voting for Whoever you work for!!! PEACE!!!
Been thinking about GJ!!! Hope GJ doesn't take it personal if he gets 22% of the vote. Because it ain't him, its the PROTEST GOP VOTE!;-)

Horrible, frightening

Did you'all see this speech?


That ought to have ole Reince squirming.

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I just read it. A great speech

I just read it. A great speech, yup :

a great speech of a Statist.

Of a colonialist,

Of an imperialist first, socialist second,

Of a TRAITOR to the name of his political party,

Of a TRAITOR to the founders and foundations of his country,

Of a TRAITOR to the People's Constitution.

All in all :

Of a Globalist, of a fascist busy preparing to bleed his country, in sweat and blood, and loving it, just in a different disguise outfit than of his good friend, Obamad the socialist first, imperialist second.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Hey Rience shortbus

Romney is going to lose. the liberty wing of the GOP is slowly taking over the party. There is nothing you or the dinosaur elder establishment can do.

Why you might ask?

The establishment is old and will die off withing the next two decades.

We are solidly young, and have more energy than you can possibly imagine. We are driven by freedom.

Priebus also announced before the convention that all the

factions had worked out there differences fairly and were all on the same page.

Priebus is the Bahgdad Bob of the Republican Party.


I can't believe that a few years ago I used to actually support the Republican Party. The thought of supporting either party now makes me feel ill and in need of a long shower.

Let me let you in on a little secret

The only reason the political thugs make obnoxious comments like this is because they know, just like with the RNC, the outcome to follow. Stand up and fight for paper ballots at your local precinct. This is a tough fight and a huge step, they know GJ is a "non-factor" because they know the polls are rigged. I'm not a conspiracy theorist BUT, lol, We can not allow them to squeeze us in a little rag doll box. It is time to join other groups, get out of your comfort zone, find someone to talk to that is involved in other organizations, unionizing is the only way to get our liberties back, playing it solo days are gone, it is time for overdrive.

You just got PAULED!

"People aren't going to throw their vote away"

Precisely! Which is exactly why liberty supporters are not voting for Romney or Obama. A vote for the establishment's candidates is a vote against liberty and a vote wasted.

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Why Mr. Priebus even bothers to continue throwing up

Why Mr. Priebus even bothers to continue throwing up his empty, unfounded statements with contempt ... is, literally, a universal mystery.

mystery, noun.
something not understood or beyond understanding. (full definition)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


or whatever the hell your name is. You spent how many hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get someone off the ballot in how many states who is a non factor? Oh wait, I forgot. That's the GOP version of fiscal sanity.


Gee, Mittwit actually got a slight bump from the phony debate. What is a dumb thing we as Republicans can do to retain the title of Party of Stupid and kill some of this momentum. I know! I'll tell all those who we just spent a shitload of money trying to get rid of their candidate so they have to vote for us....uh....duh...got it! We want their vote.... soooooo, I'll tell them they don't matter and we don't need them. Then I'll follow and say they are so smart that they will fall for the most overused cliche I can think of and vote for us anyway. Yeah that'll sway them! Quick get that bitch Crowley on the phone...

Mr. Priebus

3rd place and 3rd party status for you!


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Although I would love to see

Although I would love to see that....Gj will not make that happen.

What worries Preebus

Down to the final 30 and Obama leads by 10-12 points over Romney in Pennsylvania. No Presidential candidate has ever overcome a deficit of more than 6points in the final 30. If every Republican and 3rd party voter in the state voted for Romney he would still be 6 points down. Romney is officially a "wasted vote" in Pennsylvania.

Priebus isn't lying. Gary Johnson is a non-factor in the reason why Romney is losing to an incumbent President that makes Jimmy Carter look like John Kennedy. The more likely source of worry for Preibus (and Paul Ryan) is the "Mitt Romney factor", not Gary Johnson.

I can never spell his name correctly. Preabus.

The future of America? Throw

The future of America? Throw my vote away? I'm sick of these clowns. Keep talking RNC, I will make sure I never vote for another one of your puppets ever again.

If Romney Is The Future Of America, We're Doomed

I know this Preibus character said he reads the Daily Paul. I hope he understands his contribution to the destruction of the US dollar.

Like with Ron Paul

This only makes me want to fight harder for Gary Johnson. The fact that this scum bag acts like this, after screwing us at the convention, and everywhere else, just makes my blood boil!

The key verb is "acts". We

The key verb is "acts". We know the GOP and Priebus are acting when they state that Gary Johnson is not a factor in the 2012 election because the GOP has relentlessly tried to prevent Johnson's name from appearing on as many state ballots as possible. Actually, the GOP and Priebus' own actions indicate that the RNC is very concerned about Johnson.

If Romney loses in 2012, hopefully Priebus will be flushed along with his pals on the RNC.

He is not worried because no

He is not worried because no matter which candidate wins, he still has a job. Two sides of the same coin.

This is Fabulous!

It appears we're past the "first they ignore you" stage.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Libertarian Candidate, Republican GJ

GJ is a non-issue because he's running to keep the GOP free of Ron Paul supporters, which the GOP wants less than those who say the don't want to GOP.

What the GOP has to say to them is: THANK YOU FOR GETTING OUT OF OUR WAY!

The GOP has power, the LP has none. That's why RP wanted the LP to become major, but it seems at least on DP, many would prefer the LP remian irrelevant, just like the GOP.

Please clarify

Do you really think that the GOP knew in advance that they had to marginalize Gary Johnson in the early debates, so he'd get disgusted and when some Libertarians ask him to run for the LP nomination (how did they know it would happen?), he'd accept, and that the GOP knew he would accept and be nominated (by no means a sure thing) and divert some Ron Paul supporters away from the GOP (because they aren't needed to beat Obama)? Pretty complicated plot.

Or, are you saying that Gary Johnson, happy with the way he was treated by the GOP in the early debates, decided to help them out by pretending to become a libertarian, and taking the role of depriving the GOP of Ron Paul supporters? And, that, the LP members, notorious for being individualistic (like herding cats), went along and were either convinced or bamboozled into nominating him?

I don't understand how you reached your conclusion.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

If you think that is puzzling

...then even more puzzling would be how I knew it well before I first mentioned it here in May 2011?

It's not like I didn't try for a week to tell y'all that we're following a strategy (a strategy that originated as part of casual conversation at R4R in 2008).



Then there's this short thread to a topic posted by someone who thinks like the person you're replying to.

But hey who am I, what do I know? I'm just the village idiot around here.

Puzzeling? Hardly

Just another political operative, numbers man.. social idiot, full time loser, and class clown.

GJ won't win and either will you.

I think

GJ is a life long Republican and continues to be one.

I'm new to the GOP, I've been a Libertarian and Indy, who never thought they would join the GOP.

One of the things about the LP, from my experience, it was always divided by those who felt the GOP had lost their way and would be Republicans BUT, beit marijuana (liberty), or freedom from bigger government (freedom). My experience was there was this wrestling that always went on, and the stronger the personality (GOP influence and support), the tougher it got. LOVE was never my experience with the party.. it was always "hard core". Now I worked with those like Jack Herer, Steve Kubby for decriminalizing cannabis, and even that became a FIGHT between us. The saying of herding cats, is MY experience. The thing that also got me was the establishment ultimately rules, right down to the point where instead of nominating members of our own party, Republicans were nominated. This election, it happened again.

GJ had no attraction in the GOP.. but the GOP saw the Ron Paul Republicans coming into their party and they don't want us, so I believe GJ was nominated in the LP, not from members in general.. he failed on the ballot here.. the members here have accepted the nomination and appreciate the Ron Paul rEVOLution spillover for support.. but they have their own agendas, and the numbers count, so they are quiet.

It is apprent to me, GJ has taken Ron Paul's message and twisted it to include those who said, "I really like Ron Paul BUT his stand against abortion", or "I really like Ron Paul BUT same sex marriage".

GJ is a Republican, and he will return to the GOP just like Bob Barr, or Chunck Baldwin who had the Constitution Party nomination in 08.

It is apparent to me, that third parties vet future candidates on populatity issues. Obama was vetted in "The New Party". There is nothing organic about GJ's nomination. It is an establishment set up to keep the Ron Paul supporters out of the GOP. The GOP likes being small, having empty seats, not having to answer to people, not being democratic, cheating, lying and stealing has been their modus operandus since the Democratic infiltraited and outted the conservatives with HELP from MSM.

Ron Paul pointed out, they have lost their way.. they want to be "lost" and for few to rule because they like the reputation MSM gives them.. it's a blanket of secrecy, as long as people don't show up. GJ is holping the GOP in a BIG way by running as a LP.. he is keeping the Ron Paul supporters OUT, and giving the GOP cover, and I believe he will be rewarded. I also believe he's going to dissappoint many people ultimately when they stop being hurt and want to fight again. He is not preparing them for any future. He's like a vent on a steam engine.

The top folks in the LP have always helped the GOP.. just as Greens helped the Democratic Party. The Green Party split because Nader refused to become a Green. Now you don't hear anything about the Greens.. Peace and freedom is doing better than GJ, becaue peace lovers do not like GJ's foreign policy any better than the GOP's or Obama's. They took over 200 more votes than GJ.

My committee would LOVE it, if I abandoned my seat and went for GJ.

Ron Paul has said, it's not about him, it's about the message and the message is to RESTPRE THE REPUBLIC, and the best way to do that is by helping the GOP find their way by holding them to the constitution. GJ isn't standing for the constitution. He's all for amending it for ISSUES.

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I respect your point.

But; I think it is well understood that the RP factor is indeed Gary's in states who cannot write in.

I'm sure there are not too many here fighting for many others...maybe Virgil.

Diebold's on the case

It's a little more effort to fix a three-way, than the classic duopoly, but the henchmen are coding for all possibilities.

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reince and repeat!

"And the ayes have it. Let's try it again. And the ayes have it. Let's try it again. One more time."


Just read the script on the monitor you dumb ass.