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Romney in moderation at last - maybe? We'll have to elect him to find out what he really means

I am frequently finding that the American Conservative is the place to go for an unvarnished discussion of current events. May I dare say that it is giving Reason Magazine competition as a libertarian/Republican outlet for news and views.

"A clear victory in the first presidential debate gave a huge boost to a demoralized Romney campaign. How he won that debate, though, is just as significant. Romney won by sounding like the well-informed moderate he has always been purported to be. He knocked a lethargic President Obama on his knees by embracing centrist positions on taxes, insurance coverage of those with preexisting medical conditions, Wall Street reform, the role of regulation in the marketplace, and education.

"The bigger question is whether Romney’s pivot toward the center occurred too late to rescue him. It’s now October. Voter perceptions and preferences have largely calcified. And from the moment he sewed up the nomination and through to Denver — an eternal-seeming six months — Romney half-heartedly and unconvincingly waged a losing campaign on behalf of movement conservatism. If he wins, I suspect it will be nearly impossible next year for Romney to renege on his promise not to lower the share of taxes paid by the wealthy (though his definition of “middle income” does offer wiggle room). And he strongly signaled that he will not repeal but rather tweak Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial reforms."

The question remains: Can we trust this habitual flip-flopper to be a moderate Republican and not fall back on his Establishment ways if he is elected? Republicans have a habit of doing just that.

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Why would you want that?

The linked article is arguing that "Practically speaking, Romney has committed himself to a second Obama term — but with lower tax rates and magical growth." It concludes with "Savor the choice, America", i.e., when the mask comes off Romney is closer to Obama than he succeeded in getting a lot of people to think in the primaries.

You write "Can we trust this habitual flip-flopper to be a moderate Republican ..."

Is that what you're hoping for? Romney's a moderate Republican in the sense that he's not going to cut taxes as much as he promised earlier, he's not going to repeal Obamacare, he's proud of his ability to compromise with Democrats, etc. He's looking more moderate in exactly the way he was a moderate in Massachusetts.

Except that in Mass he didn't have to deal with neo-cons. The neo-cons will hound him to be "tough" on domestic security, no matter how intrusive, and "tough" on foreign policy, no matter how avoidable the wars. They want their wars so badly that they'll give him some slack on his moderate domestic agenda in exchange.

I'd say Ron Paul broke the habit

We have a GOP before a Ron Paul campaign, and a GOP today filled with Ron Paul Republicans working to Restore America to constitutional government.

We are not hand picked Republicans, but people who heard Ron Paul's message and believed in it, and him, so we fought our way into and onto those seats and in offices.

We do not just sit there. We are opinionated and fighters. It doesn't matter to us if they like us. It matters to us that we Restore America, that Ron Paul's message is heard and understood and that we work together, county by county, state by state, to make the Republican Party OUR Party.

Let the Neocons return to the Democratic Party. Let the hand picked be put off and get out. Let us find alliences with the fiscal conservativies, the constitutionalists, the tea partiers, the oath keepers and Earthquakers, uniting in Restoring America to constitutional government.

What the GOP was no longer exists.. it is remnanats of a MSM farce, and we are changing that. You are going to be hearing about our work, and many will not believe it. They will say, "Oh that's just MSM talk." Or, "It's all BS, don't believe it". We are now part of the GOP and we are winning, so you can believe it.

Politicians need to stop

Politicians need to stop moving to the left/right/center and just stand for something and stay there. No thanks Romney.

No thanks. Why should we

No thanks. Why should we waste time with someone who has already shown a habitual tendency to become a sellout?

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