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Has Netanyahu's bluff been called? Is war with Iran a given for the U.S.?

"The United States has refused to set a date certain by which Iran must end all enrichment. Hillary Clinton said this weekend that we are “not setting deadlines.” And the election, which could give Obama a free hand to pursue his own timetable and terms for a deal with Tehran, is only eight weeks off.

"If Obama, no fan of Bibi, wins, he can tell Bibi: We oppose any Israeli pre-emptive strike. If you attack Iran, we will not support you. Nor will we follow up an Israeli attack with an American attack.

... "And the Americans have sent emissaries, including Secretary Leon Panetta, to tell Bibi we oppose an Israeli attack. The Pentagon does not want war. Three former U.S. Central Command heads oppose a war. And last week, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Martin Dempsey said he does not wish to be “complicit” in any Israeli attack."

Which is the greater threat to America? Four years with Romney who is almost certain to invade Iran or another four years with Obama and possibly no invasion of Iran? What other possibilities are there?

How many lives are Americans willing to throw away before the voters rebel against sending in more of our troops to augment the policies of an "ally" who is unwilling to assist us with her troops or money, and who has been as much of a problem for us as are her enemies.


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It is ridiculous

No military deployment unless it is for America alone and due to real threats. israel can defend herslef.

It is a bluff and not very well done

Israel won't go this one alone, knowing the USA won't back them. If They can get the US military to fight the war for them, then they see it as a good play, let the US do the heavy lifting for them. However, they don't have the courage to fight it on their own, its way too much risk.

Drones Fly Children Die...

When is enough blood spilled enough...
For what purpose is the "premptive strikes"
How many more wars against "terror"
Peace is the only answer... Only its a poor mans game,
And we all know no one can make BIG money without war.

This is not war on terror

This is about expansion. The "State" of Israel has never defined it's borders. Netanyahu wants the borders that King Solomon had. That is ALL the land from the "River of Egypt to the Euphrates". You have to research Ben Gurion and the early Zionists ideas about what land they wanted and what they settled for as a begining. It will help you understand the madness of the U.S. in the Middle East.

Ron Paul did not get the nomination not because of his stand on the Federal Reserve. It was his foreign policy. Remember the statements from many people that said they could support Ron Paul if it wasn't for his foreign policy?

Read the Controversy of Zion. It will help you out.


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