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Two Party Results Summarized

Over the last 3 Decades:
20 years with Republican President
12 years with Democratic President
16 years with Republican Senate
16 years with Democratic Senate

14 years with Republican House
18 years with Democratic House
Spending continues and grows.
Debt continues and grows.
War continues and grows.
Government Regulation continues and grows.
Individual Freedoms END and SHRINK.

(taken from a Facebook post by William Patrick Casey - gotta give credit - thought it was a great point - had to share)

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A Florida school allowed their students to register to vote but not for the rep party!!

I am an Independent American I am a Libertarian!

I am amazed that the majority

I am amazed that the majority of Americans think we have a two party system.

Bob Marshall

I'm amazed

So many Ron Paul supporters insist on keeping a monopoly by seeking alternatives that were established by the monopoly to keep it a monopoly.

new title

" The Squashing of a Cockaroach in Slow-mo "

Tell it like it is...!

Funny and sad at the same time. But it did make me LOL

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

John F. Kennedy