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The Elephants and Donkeys deserve the BIRD

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I thought

of a similar idea where the elephant has its trunk wrapped around lady liberty's (or Uncle Sam's) neck, and the donkey is kicking her in the gut. Or it could just be an average American with dollars flying out of his/her back pocket.

Two arms of the same beast that is choking the life out of this country.

I'm not implying that "GJ" or the "L" party is the answer, but America needs some powerful visuals of how the two party duopoly is one of the sources of our demise.

Great ideas Jefferson

I like it. I think that would be funny and also powerful in spreading the message. I dont' think GJ is perfect. And I sure wish it was Ron on that ballot as a third party candidate now that he hasn't wont the nomination for the republican party. But I think what GJ is doing is good to expose how little there is between the two parties and how little they differ. I wish he would get a chacne to debate - if for nothing less than being a total breath of fresh air between the two big bird candidates who wont talk about anything of substance