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World According to Monsanto [Eye-opening 2008 movie, still very relevant]

Incredibly eye-opening documentary from 2008:

World According to Monsanto


It's quite likely this has already been posted here before, some people seen it already. I haven't bothered searching. I went ahead & created a new thread anyway, because this is becoming very HOT and relevant issue - Especially with California Proposition 37 coming up, (Washington Initiative 522) this is a HUGE awareness issue. Share away freely & widely...

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Youtube message; who wrote it and what for?

""The World According to M..."
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Jeffrey Smtih - The Institute for Responsible Technology.
Sorry about that."

Search name and institute.

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There is a lot of Half - Information in this video.

I think it is good that you guys question if GMOs are good or not but you need to look at something that is actually good research. Take for example a section in the video that talks about Paraguay. I live here and that was the biggest B.S. ever. There is soo much misinformation in the video that it needs to simply be trashed. GMOs do plenty of good as well people. The increased food production is essential if we want to feed the world. Also we, yes i am a farmer, use less herbicides and pesticides with the GMOs in comparison to conventional crops.

Look, if you have the extra wealth available, I can see spending the extra money on organics. You have this choice already with stores like Wholefoods. But don't try to force people to only have organics or conventional, let everyone decide for themselves. No one is forcing you to eat GMOs, so don't force people to only eat organics.

If I can't change your mind, please talk to a local farmer of yours and see what they say. I guarantee you will be surprised.

Of course farmers will have

Of course farmers will have strong opinions on Monsanto. Monsanto increases yields. Do farmers care that we now have super weeds? Do they care when soil has become deserted? Do they care that the jury is not in on GMO foods? Do they care that farmers who do not use Monsanto seed are sued when there is unintended pollination? Farmers have a strong conflict of interest when it comes to Monsanto.

Let's hope enough people save non GMO seeds, because our future may depend upon it.

Pay us farmers more for conventional and we will plant it.

Realdeal- By us planting monsanto's technology we can provide people with cheaper food. Our conventional soybeans and corn, and yes we do plant it, do not get any extra payment even though there is an increased cost. Organics receive more money thus some farmers choose to plant it. So it is the market forces that is causing farmers to plant GMOs.

Do farmers care that we now have super weeds?

We already had super weeds, that is why we began using RR soybeans in the first place. RR means Roundup Ready, thus it doesn't die when we spray it with Roundyup. But the weeds that were resistant to our conventional chemicals do die from roundup. We use to hoe out the weeds but that is here in Paraguay with cheap labor. I'm sure the USA farmers can't afford or even find people to do that half-slave labor.

Do farmers care when soil has become deserted?

Of course we care and we do everything to prevent it. If we loose our soil we loose our livelihood. Our soils are more fertile and more productive today than 20 years ago. This is a myth and you should research more into it. Also has nothing to do with Monsanto.

Do they care that the jury is no in on GMO foods?

The jury is the consumer. You can decide to eat it or not. We don't need Big Government Daddy telling us what we can and can't eat. It is our body and we choose to do as we please to it. If it means eating something that hasn't been proved to be safe, well that is our choice. Don't give it up.

Do they care that farmers who do not use Monsanto seed are sued when there is unintended pollination?

Now this is a good question. We in Paraguay do not have this problem and so I feel bad for the USA farmer. This is a classic case of Big Government getting in bed with Big Corporations. I would hope the Supreme Court would rule against this but it hasn't. It is a shame and the only thing that can be done is to vote for decent people that will prevent this from occurring again. This is how the USA is slowly falling and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. It is one of the reasons I left the USA and I hope to one day be able to return.

Hope that answers your questions from a farmers perspective.

Poor farming practices

Poor farming practices eventually led to improvements such as crop rotation and no till farming. The farming community realized the error of its ways when they lost acres and acres of top soil to the wind and down the rivers. Farmers are not infallible. They have made serious mistakes. Who's to say that GMOs are not another mistake? Who's to say that nitrates in our ground water is not another? Have you seen the rivers in farm states lately? They're like sludge. Iowa has lost most all of its pheasants. The weather is part of the blame. But then South Dakota has horrible winters as well and their pheasant population is thriving. Is there more to this story as well?

What is to blame for soil depletion then?

BTW- The jury I'm talking about is the health of our future generations...not the lowest price at Walmart.

Don't misunderstand. Like Thomas Jefferson said, "Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds."

Farming evolves like everything else.

US rivers used to be extremely polluted from the city folk. Then they got cleaned up. We learned from our mistakes. Nitrogen and other fertilizer run off is a concern and us farmers, believe it or not, hate it more than anyone else. Fist we live in these areas and hate to see our fishing and recreational areas with problems. Secondly, it is costing us money because the runoff is actually money running off. Those nutrients are valuable and we want them to stay. Thus new farming practices improve the situation. Also new technology like bacteria that produce nitrogen as a byproduct will help us to use less nitrogen (already in soybeans). New molecules that contain nitrogen making it less volatile will prevent the runoff and loss directly to the air, lowering costs and pollution.

The modern farmer is more conscious about their enviornment than it is portrayed simply because it makes both quality of life and economic sense.

Could we be wrong about GMOs? Of course, but it is doubtful. After 20 years of use in the USA there is no solid evidence that it is damaging. Remember that the RR gene simply comes from another plant, it isn't something created out of nothing. I think there is more harm being caused by the excessive consumption of soybeans and corn than the implanted genes. Obesity for example must kill hundreds of thousands times more than the consumption of GMOs.

As for the tests out there, they are ridiculous. Take tomatoes. If you eat the equivalent amount of tomatoes that they feed to the mice with GMOs, you will get cancer. Tomatoes have a natural cancerous nature to them, but you have to have a tomato obsession to see any cancer. You'll most likely die from lack of nutrition before you die from the cancers created by the tomato. Get my point?

As a Agricultural and Biological Engineer, we learn to create experiments that are repeatable. If they are not repeatable, then they are not valid. Also they should be relevant to what you are testing. Feeding mice an absurd quantity of RR soybeans is not relevant to what we see it real life.

I just want people to question what they see in these videos like the world according to monsanto and food inc. These are propaganda videos and a lot of the information is twisted. Also I don't want the government to decide what I can and can't eat; who the hell is anyone to decide what is good or not for me?!?!

Well I agree with you about

Well I agree with you about the govt not telling people what they can and can't eat. But I will never believe that Monsanto is as safe or as wonderful as you want me to believe. I also believe that spreading the word about Monsanto and what Monsanto is up to is just as important. Monsanto sold off their bovine growth hormone because of an educated public. I see that as nothing but good news for human health.

Thanks, Brigger. I will keep in mind what you had to say.

Bumping again in the hope

Bumping again in the hope that more eyes see this - Especially considering this got posted exactly around the same time this website went down.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!



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