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Jesse Ventura endorses Lupe Fiasco


"Artists with with conscience and message. Powerful combination."

Here is the music video he is talking about


This is awesome because I am a big Lupe Fiasco fan, Lupe is the same guy behind "Words I Never Said"

Please also check out http://www.truthpursuers....

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When I first heard "words i

When I first heard "words i never said" i was like this seems right, and as I educated myself more on current events and heard the song again it all made sense. Lupe was another person that woke me up.

good to hear :)

good to hear :)

Jesse Ventura just posted this on his Facebook

Lupe Fiasco is one of the best young artists today. He isn't afraid to speak truth to power. I may not always "get" rap music, it's probably a generational thing the way my parents didn't "get" rock n' roll, but anytime I see an artist who puts truth, love, and sincerity above fame, greed, and security that artist should be supported and shared.

Lupe is smart

The lyrics to that song are subversive and brilliant man