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Raising good statists in Texas

Houston Chronicle: Northside keeping electronic eye on students

A lot of us have been following the RFID chips on young students issue since it surfaced this summer. Well after a few weeks of school, the Hurst corp owned Houston Chronicle wants you to know that the students "love" being tracked and the chips are staying. And aren't ashamed to mention the only reason they're using it is for state funding.

Some students rebelled and there were demonstrations in front of the school. But that is taken care of:

"Both schools plan to more strictly enforce students' obligation to wear the badges, starting next week. Reyes doesn't think that will be a problem."

"There is no general opt-out policy..."

Yes there is, it is called leaving...

The F-ing selfishness of these 'educators' should make your skin crawl. Sickening.

Full story at the Chronicle

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the saddest part is that

people are going along with it. they don't even know what they are doing.

Has Anyone Noticed

How all the new traffic lights have cameras ON TOP of them facing in ALL directions? This isn't for light runners. They even watch cars in the oncoming lanes. Makes me mad as hell.


Yet Another Reason

for why I intend to leave Texas.


Wow I thought this was still a ways out yet

They've already begun. Why isnt this being shut down right now?

I was watching a Ted Talk about how a school girl was blogging about her school's lunches, until the school came down on her to stop. She had many followers and the school and school district heard from them very shortly for infringing on her first amendment right. The school apologized and allowed her to resume. As if they had a choice.

Why is this not being treated similarly? How many rights does this violate? This is sick and is only the precursor. The camel's nose is going under the tent.

Anyone can track these kids now

Why don't parents understand that? How easy it will it be for one group to pounce on its imagined enemy when that kid is alone in the bathroom. How easy it will be for the statists to take out that one kid who always talks about liberty - just follow the tag and take h/er out. That's really scary. Soon everyone will be RFID'd, they're already watching our every word and action remotely, and when they get out of line, drone kill them remotely. That's what all of this is leading to. Does anyone honestly believe the guvmint wants to feed all those hungry people in the FEMA camps? No. That's why they passed HR 6566. RFID them and take them out. There will be no place to hide.
They are selling their souls for 30 pieces of fiat paper. (pretty ironic that they get $30 for every 'virtually' chipped kid - this guvmint continues to mock Christianity)

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

As a parent

I'd refuse to be financially responsible for the RFID chip, and plus I'd just flat out refuse to allow my child to touch it. They HAVE to have some sort of consent to pay for it if lost. All you gotta do is refuse to sign THAT.

anyone technical

Is there anyway those chips can be fried without any physical damage. If this is possible then spread the word via internet and who ever wants to opt out can simply fry their chip. If they have to do it everyday, then so be it.

Short answer is yes.

It depends on how they are implimented.
However, simply keeping it wrapped in metal like aluminum foil, with no open gaps larger than 1mm(and as long as none of the conducting surfaces on the device itself are touching said metal), will keep it from receiving and transmitting any signals.
This is what is known as a faraday cage.

No damage is required here.

The reason this depends is that it would be more or less easy to hide. A simple card type device can be easily slipped into a "pouch" that would shield it without anyone noticing. It could be retrieved just as easily to prove you didnt destroy it. Something a bit more bulky or something required to be visible would be harder to hide the fact you wrapped it up with foil.

The only "tricky" part is to make sure there are no gaps larger than the wavelength of whatever the signal is, usually 1mm is fine for everything because that is right at the edge of where signals used for wireless communication begin.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Would putting it in a cigarette pack work? They are foil lined

The kids will figure out how to disable the device soon enough, then the school will want to implant them surgically. Of course it will all be for their safety, national security and the common good. Tie this little chip into your checking account number, health records, add in a national sales tax and Obamacare, NWO here we come.

Anything that is conductive

Anything that is conductive will work to shield it from EM signals. A pack like that might work if you can be sure that there are no gaps larger than 1mm in the lining.

Really, if its card sized, the easiest thing to do is to take aluminum foil and fold it into a pouch/holder type thing(secured with tape and with a flap; kinda like a envelope) which you could easily fit in a wallet. Then you can simply slip it in an out.

If those short range credit/debit card things ever become standard, I will be doing something like this to make sure no one random can pass by me and steal any data.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

jesus flipping christ, do you

jesus flipping christ, do you guys want me to go to that hell hole that is known as texas and try to start waking them up?
seriously, do you guys want me to work for alex jones. it will be no enjoyment on my part. i hate texas. i hate texas. but if texas were to wake up, the new world order would be so freaking less intimidating if 40 million texas suddenly woke up to what is being planned for them.


If they can force the kids to do this and the so called parents

aren't really saying anything in mass then you know what's coming next if it's not already happening..

This will show up in the workplace as well as anywhere else they can get it in.. including bus passes, plane tickets... pretty much everywhere.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

i already have rfid at

i already have rfid at work... its how i open the door.

It is starting at my work as well...

over the next year or two, they are planning to implement using fingerprints.... but they have already mentioned iris scans in the future... I pretty sure the next step is the chip (which of course they will have to implant, so it doesn't get lost...security risk). Makes me nauseated... I don't plan to do it, but there is no opt out option... so that means I will be out of work when the time comes.... I have worked there a long time, and a have a family dependent on me. We are all starting to be faced with these terrible decisions.

"I don't know if the world is full of smart men bluffing
or imbeciles who mean it."

This is what you want...

this is what you get.

Until the democrat party and republican party are COMPLETELY AND WHOLLY REJECTED... you will get more. And more. And more.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.

Looks like I haven't been

Looks like I haven't been protesting hard enough...

These scumbags are going to pay for making MY SCHOOL YEAR ABSOLUTE HELL!

I suggest choosing another school but

that might not be an option.



Start with the schools. Use lines like "for the safety of the children" and so on. Kids can't vote what can they do if they don't like it. They'll grow up used to it, and won't mind as much the idea of the constant surveillance into their lives that there will be when they are adults.

They're not even pretending it's for

safety reasons. It's for money - state funds. States trying to better their academic standing want to get attendance rates up. So they offer schools money if they can at least ensure that students are in class. Parents like it because of the MONEY their schools gets. Students like it because it make the lunch lines go QUICKER and because it's EASIER to check out books from the school library. That's what people want! They just really don't WEIGH THE TRADE-OFFS. And even IF there wasn't some nefarious end goal, it's still putting the constant-surveillance system in place!

For one parent who complained, the school said the daughter could wear the badge with the chip removed. But the parent said that "requiring his daughter to wear the badge, with or without the RFID tag, is a violation of their religious freedom, citing a passage from the biblical Book of Revelation." All Christian parents should, at the least, refuse the chip!

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