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Libertarians predict victory in Pennsylvania ballot fight

HARRISBURG, Pa.—The Libertarian Party is predicting its candidates will stay on the Pennsylvania ballot despite a drawn-out challenge backed by the Republican Party.

Paul Rossi, a lawyer for the Libertarians, said Monday there's "zero chance" that the party will fall short of the 20,601 petition signatures it needs to keep presidential hopeful Gary Johnson and its other statewide candidates on the Nov. 6 ballot.


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While I

personally don't support Gary Johnson, I do believe he has earned the right to be on the ballot in Pennsylvania.
According to a local newspaper article in yesterday's edition, the Libertarian Party has alleged that the Republican Party has offered bribes to people--to get them to testify AGAINST the validity of its nominating papers.
A Libertarian Party lawyer says she was told by people who either gathered signatures or notarized them--that they were approached and offered money or other benefits to testify.
Absolutely disgusting, if true... (and I would NOT be surprised if it is true)

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Thanks for a bump

Today the judge will decide if GJ stays on the PA ballot.

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