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What's the REAL unemployment rate? new legislation proposed

We hear a lot of.complaining about the accuracy or inaccuracy of the unemployment numbers. There is little known legislation pending to make the unemployment
Data more transparent.
Listen why it has little chance of passing


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Whats the real inflation rate?

Why do we rely on government statisitcs when private companies could do a better less.biased job?

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better question-whats the real value if silver?

That means more to some

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congress us too busy passing legislation like the ndaa

To ever consider this seriously

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its like being the one counting votes being more important

Than actually getting them
Why create economic conditions to encourage economic growth and employment
If you are a republican or why spend money on government created jobs if you are a democrat if you can just fudge the unemployment numbers

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there is no point in fixing it

There is no point in fixing it as it provided hours of useless political debate
That both sides love as it takes the focus off solving the problem

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like arguing over what the pct of fractional reserves

A bank should keep rather than whether the government should sanction the concept at all

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like arguing what the income tax tate should be

Rather whether there should be an income tax

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