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CNN Money offers advice on how to buy silver!

Their words of wisdom -anything but physical!

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Says you should buy paper promises of silver because they are cheaper then silver. Paper sells at spot and physical silver sells at a premium above spot. Well, I have found that if you go to a local coin shop, buy "ready for melt, scrap or cull" silver and wave cash money under the owners face, he may sell physical silver to you at spot or even 1% below spot. Look at it this way, when you purchase with a credit card, the merchant pays the ridiculously named "merchant discount fee" to the credit card processor. This is about 3% of your purchase. It goes straight to the credit card company- not the merchant's pocket.
Be careful that your state does not charge sales tax on your purchase. Go somewhere else to buy if they try to charge you sales tax on silver.

here is how i see it

Would you rather masturbate to Porn, or would you rather have sex with a physical partner?

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Time to sell?

Time to sell?

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

on the theory that when the MSM highlights -its a bubble?

don't think so-I think what is happening here is the MSM is anticipating a lot of money to flow into silver-it has not done so yet.
They want to condition people to buy the bankers favorite - the SLV ETF when the money pours in so they can control the market

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When I was young we were so poor we couldn't afford cheese for

the mouse traps, so we cut a picture of some cheese out of a magazine.

The next morning we checked the trap. The picture of cheese was gone.

We opened the trap and found a picture of a mouse.

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they figure they cant stop people from buying silver so

They steer them in the direction of the establishments silver vehicles where you don't own anything but.THEIR paper promise

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You beat me to it. :)

Spot on.

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yep take away your freedom by offering

Their own brand

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