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It's Out - Early Report: Atlas Shrugged Movie Part 2

The Daily Bell: "This could have been a movie review but I am not quite qualified to write one given that we are talking here about a craft, namely, movie making, with which I am not sufficiently familiar. What I am writing, instead, is a simple thank you note to the producer, John Aglialoro, and his crew, technicians, writers, actors, director, et al., who against all odds brought the movie to screen. After all, given the Hollywood elites' hostility to Ayn Rand's ideas − especially the ideas of rational individualism and free-market capitalism that are both on very stark display in the movie − the project should be a bit of relief to anyone who champions the human individual and a bona fide free society. It is out and out heroic to have become the producer if this movie."

I saw Part 2 last evening (10/04/2012) in Hollywood − courtesy of an invite from David Nott, president of the Reason Foundation, an outfit I helped launch back in 1969 − and it is a very well done piece of entertainment. (I saw Part I over a year ago, courtesy the Cato Institute at a donor's bash in Southern California.)

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reedr3v's picture

I finally got to see "Atlas, Part 2."

I was thrilled and delighted to see this on the big screen. IMO the producer/directors did a great job: they captured the essence of Rand's novel and seamlessly translated it for our time. It has exciting and exhilarating sequences.

Others make a big to-do about low budgets, no name actors who may/may not perfectly embody Rand's heroes. To me all of that is incidental. Like Ron Paul, the message counts far more than sometimes imperfect styling. The film captured and dramatized the message.

The saddest aspect is that there were only 5 in the audience, the afternoon I attended. I do hope the producer will be adequately compensate so Part 3 can be produced.

I'll definitely see this

I'll definitely see this movie when it opens.

Keeping my fingers crossed in

Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that Part II turns out better than Part I. Such a great novel must be so challenging to capture on film. It's difficult to do it justice.

"The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live." -Ayn Rand

Yep, hoping it has more teeth

Yep, hoping it has more teeth than part 1.

Southern Agrarian

Part 2 is a good place to start the story...

I always start books in the middle (after reading the intro if there is one) and highly recommend reading Atlas starting from part 2.

This film gives people a great opportunity to do just that, without having to go through all the hard work or reading an actual book ;)

Chris Indeedski!

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Mad Men

AMC's "Mad Men" features Don Draper, a rugged individualist if there ever was one. There are several references to Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged in it. Here's one of those such scenes;

Mad Men is very popular too. It even features what I would call a Dagny character in Peggy Olsen. Oh and yeah I wanna see part 2.

Here is your Dagny Taggart in Mad Men episode

Dagny, you recall, is the daughter of a self made man and takes over her dad's business.

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Looking forward to seeing Part II!

Will be seeing it in L.A., CA.- Monterrey Park at the AMC Theater on South Atlantic Blvd., to be exact.