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Help a Ron Paul Yankee?

There is really no way to ask this without sounding strange, but fortunately, I think most of the folks here are accustomed to being thought of as strange... so here goes.
I have to travel to Phoenix with my wife for work. I am very nervous about travelling at this particular point in time, because I will be so far from my supply lines at a frightening moment in our history. Many of the issues that a number of us have long had an eye on appear to be coming to a head (if you haven't heard it, check out Pete Santilli's 220th episode).
So, if anyone fellow lovers of liberty feel so inclined, please send me a direct message; I will be at the Phoenician from Tuesday (10/9) through Thursday night (10/11). I would feel much more at ease knowing that I had at a local contact "just in case."

Thank you kindly.