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October Surprise?

Is Obama's "October Surprise" about throwing the election?

All the sudden, Mitt Romney is a media darling... all from one silly debate? Really???

Here's my conspiracy theory:

I believe either Obama is being pushed out, or wants to get out, and I believe it has something to do with Iran. I don't think Obama wants anything to do with Iran, but I believe all the Neo-Cons backing Romney do!

I believe the Neo-Cons and Zionists want Obama out and want Romney in and Obama is conceding. This race is his to lose. Only an idiot could lose to Romney after being the first black President in the history of the United States... a complete idiot or someone who is looking for the backdoor?

I'm no Obama fan, I'm not even a Democrat, but if Romney wins there will be more war and debt for us and that is a fact.

Romney is pure evil, and with him comes dark clouds....


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This stuff is scripted

60 years in advance, we will know what's up when it happens.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

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I have yet another (mostly useless as such) theory

I have yet another (mostly useless as such) theory :

whoever pulls the puppets strings is only really playing with the people's apathy for the real issues... destruction of the constitution, always more statism, imperialism, socialism, plutonomy...

They gonna maintain the illusion of a tie, "made in MSM" ups and downs, and other strawmen of polls and pseudo-affairs, forgotten mics on, etc, as long as they can.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter:

it is blatantly nothing but Pepsi vs. Coke, with the guarantee to end up with a TRAITOR and power greedy THIEF in the nation office.

Bear, and let us just keep taking care of ourselves and our beloved ones,

we have much UNfun times ahead of us.

Keep the faith and spreading the message of Liberty.

Again and again:

"He never has done a greater mistake he who did nothing because he could only do a little."

-- Edmund Burke

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If Obama was throwing the election, he wouldn't have cooked up the best unemployment numbers of his administration right after the debate.... which, by the way, has swung the polls back in his favor.

The fact is, nobody is throwing any elections. Nobody would be stupid enough to ruin their reputation and spend all that money and time on an assured losing effort, and let's not forget that both parties are infested with selfish power-seekers.

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I Believe

You're exactly right. When the liberal media starts cheerleading a "republican" somethings up. Looked like Obama knows they're burning him. During the debate I guess he thought they were tag team and Romney wouldn't put him on the spot. So when he got called on the carpet he was speechless. All he could do is shake his head at Romney as if to say "You know I was just following orders". I get the idea that Obama is anxious to take us down here at home, but reluctant to invade middle east countries. Just wait, foriegn policy is coming up and I can't see Mitt Romney being able to sell huge wars to the American people.

the media

Is just talking up Mitt so that the polling closes up. The closer the horse race the more people pay attention, and the higher the ad revenues. The polling bump for Romney is simply indicative of the wall-to-wall coverage of the "debate" "win" sinking in on the average voter who is paying scant attention as of yet. Romney would have to continue bashing Obama to hold any sort of lead (he still doesn't have a winnign hand even with the poll bump)going into the election. I don't see Romney being able to do that, worst case for Obama is that the foreign policy debate is a draw, a draw is a win for Obama. When Obama starts losing to Romney on intrade let me know, until then it is just a transitory effect.

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tptb know what they are doing.

romney = obama. 8 years of romney would put a huge damper on our efforts because defeating an incumbent in 2016 would be more difficult than RP getting nomination in 2012. More so with the rules changes.

tptb kow exactly what they are doing.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Obama is going to win. I

Obama is going to win. I stand by my prediction.

Did you prediction take into

Did your prediction take into account that TPTB in Israel want Obama out?

The numbers still don't add

The numbers still don't add up for Romney. In the "Battle of the Bads", Obama comes out ahead.

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1 term Obama: Romney is the banker's darling as well.

There is going to be a new puppet in Washington, and his name is Mitt Romney.

Goldman Issues Strong Sell On Obama As Firm Refuses To Vote With Its Wallet
This election, they have given the president's campaign $136,000—less than Mr. Obama has collected from employees of the State Department. The employees have contributed nothing to the leading Democratic super PAC supporting his re-election. By contrast, Goldman employees have given Mr. Romney's campaign $900,000, plus another $900,000 to the super PAC founded to help him." In other words Goldman has just voted with their wallets, and the bottom line is "Strong Sell" with price target One Term.

$1.8 million isn't really

$1.8 million isn't really much of a contribution, is it?